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Comparison between Limelight and Cross Stitch Collection

by rossdosan

Whenever diversity improves, it brings difficult choices for you to make. And when the choices are within the clothing industry, there is little relief for you. People find it difficult to understand that more brands do not always mean more choices. But it can mean you have to make certain choices and leave some key items off the cart. The same goes with two popular Pakistani clothing brands Limelight and Cross Stitch. While both happen to be top-of-the-line brands in terms of clothing, they differ more likewise. However, this difference is a healthier one since it comes in their collections.

Presently, the race is to reach the festive period of Eid first and launch different collections for customers. Just a month ago, the race was to release summer collections and Eid collection in advance. Some brands did the same whereas some want to cash the moment near the festivities. But Limelight and Cross Stitch stay within the business throughout the year. It is like they happen to be the pioneers in producing different items and articles for every part of the year. Hence, they do not need to wait for certain seasons and occasions.


Before we head to the collection comparisons, it is time to discuss what our brands in consideration have to present us. Firstly, Limelight is the brand that appeals to younger ones the most. The prints and designs alongside styles happen to be formal and casual. And modern girls prefer simplicity. But this does not mean that trendsetters will not find anything to boast about. Limelight is all about offering different touch to your wardrobe.

Even the simplest design will carry some sort of highlighting feature. Even if there is nothing, you can find the color combination or suit fascinating. In addition, Limelight is the only brand that has rolled out the highest quantity of clothing categories for the customers. Girls and men can shop likewise for their necessary prints and designs.

Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch is all about adding a touch to your suiting style that feels unique. Though the outfits and fabrics can look simple on exposure, they appear matchless. The style is the talking point whenever discussing Cross Stitch but there is more to the brand. In essence, the brand carries the name from its stylizing and stitching.

Every outfit available here is stitched in a unique pattern thus offering uniqueness. Prints and designs on the fabrics appear great and eye-catching. Eid and lawn collections are up for grabs at the outlet and websites for early shopping. But you can decide among other categories that are stacked perfectly.

Collection Comparisons for Limelight and Cross Stitch

It is time we discuss what can be of greater importance when you shop at one of these outlets. But we will suggest a final note for your guidance at the end likewise. Presently, it is all about discussing how they both stack with their items.

· Eid Collections

Since Ramadan is just entering its mid-phase, the talk is about offering different Eid outfits. For this, people especially women are heading out for early shopping. Both the brands are well stacked with their collections. Limelight and Cross Stitch only differ in the general designs they follow. The latter focuses on simple, elegant, but spectacular combinations to look awesome. Their color vibrancy is where you can love the brand majorly.

But for a defining Eid, you can look for Limelight’s collection in addition. The pattern here is mostly about a stunning look that feels royal. No print or style here looks ordinary but gives a royal feeling. For a simpler Eid including vibrancy and elegancy, you can trust Limelight.

· Lawn Collections

Eid stays for a week at maximum and on either side of it is the scorching summer heat. To prevent women from overdoing the outfit debate, lawn collections come to assist them. Limelight is offering three distinct options for your easiness. The general summer collection feels awesome with some good prints for outdoor events. Embroidered collection can take good care of your parties and gatherings. Whereas Be Yourself collection is all about young girls and their summer routines.

Cross Stitch has to differ with three categories on offer. They include Premium Lawn for a good experience with formal events such as household ones. In addition, Embroidered Lawn prints take the premium experience to another level. And Daily Lawn is a great way to help housewives wear something good.

Learn more about the brand and its fabric on www.rajasahib.com.

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