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Common Spices Used All Around the World

by aleenajackson
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All of us add spices when cooking food to enhance the flavors of our dishes and make them tastier and more delicious. With spices, food can never taste as good as it does with spices. Every country has its preferred spices, and the blend of these spices gives the perfect flavor to a dish.

India and Pakistan are very famous countries for their species. These countries use a blend of spices to enhance the flavor of a meal. Spices are the key to achieving perfect flavor for food. It can be hard to find species of different regions.

However, in modern-day, it has become quite easy to put your hand on any type of spice you want to purchase. Stores like lasam spice contain a wide range of spices that you can order online.

Let’s talk about some of the common spices used all around the world

1.      Cinnamon

It is an amazing spice that contains antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties. Cinnamon has been used for centuries because of its amazing health benefits. It contains iron, manganese, calcium, and various other nutrients. Cinnamon does an amazing job of improving blood circulation in the body. It adds sweet and savory flavor to the dishes.

2.      Oregano

It is a very famous herb that contains thymol and Rosmarinus acid. It provides antioxidant properties to the body and helps in fighting off free radicals from the body. Oregano helps the immune system fight chronic diseases, and it does add amazing flavor to the food.

3.      Paprika

Paprika is a dried and powdered red pepper prepared mostly from sweeter pepper varieties. It is high in antioxidants, which are good for your general health. Bell peppers provide several health advantages, including supporting heart and circulatory health.

Vitamin B6 is found in paprika and helps to lower blood pressure and mend blood vessels. B6 aids in the production of hemoglobin in the bloodstream. Hemoglobin transports oxygen across the body.

4.      Cumin

This spice is rich in minerals and vitamins, and it adds amazing health benefits. Cu in is famous for having digestive health benefits. Even the smell of cumin activates salivary glands and increases the feeling of hunger. It assists with digestion.

5.      Red Chilli Powder

Chilli powder is just like paprika power as it is made by drying ground peppers. It is spicy and usually added in high quantity in Indian and Pakistani recipes. If you are purchasing red chili powder in US or Uk, make sure to read all the ingredients present. This is because sometimes, various chili powder spice blends are sold with the name of chili powder.

Chilli powder has amazing anti-inflammatory properties, and it helps with swelling and also increases blood flow.

Chilli powder contains a compound known as capsaicin. This compound supports fat burning and also increases your metabolism. A very powerful immune-boosting vitamin, Vitamins C is also present in chili powder.

If you do not find the spice you need for a nearby store, you can visit lasam spice and order any spice you want to purchase.

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