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Choosing a policy

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Choosing a policy

An private individual health insurance coverage broker or intermediary can help you better understand your coverage needs and buy a policy that matches them.

With all of these options available, it can seem overwhelming to choose a policy that is right for you and your family.

When coverage is available through an employer, it can be a great way to access an often-enhanced set of benefits at a reduced cost. However, not all employers offer health insurance as a perk.

There are some important factors to bear in mind when choosing a policy. These include:

  • whether to collect all members the family onto one plan or have each member on a separate plan
  • your current doctor being in the network for a particular insurer
  • making sure the options you choose in the policy are right for your health needs
  • the size of your deductible and whether you would prefer to pay more as a regular premium or more when treatment is necessary
  • the amount of time spent outside the country – if you travel for many months of the year, you may benefit from a policy that covers more than just your country of residence

You may wish to get an individual health insurance plans in Florida through a broker or intermediary. While their services may cost a little extra on top of your premium, they can provide a clearer breakdown of the available options and how they will impact you and your family and make sure you get the fairest deal.

An insurer will not cover treatment if an individual receives it for a condition that is under a moratorium. Moratorium refers to a particular period during which an insurer will not fund treatment for a condition. However, after the closing date of the moratorium period, the insurer can add the condition to the policy.

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