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Celebrity Booking: how to make contact and what to offer

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From Hollywood stars to influential business tycoons, you name it – a good agency will tie you up with them. This is why you need to be a little careful when you are getting in touch with an agency that helps you book a celeb. They should have experience in dealing with your industry.

Not all agencies deal with your sectors so you need to do some deep research about the same. When you are booking a celebrity for your event, they will pull a huge crowd. You can even hire them for store openings, influencer marketing strategies, exhibitions, etc. Celebrity booking will also help you fill the seats quickly and build awareness surrounding your organization.

However, since your favourite celebrity might not be the easiest to book, it can be hard for you to get in touch with him or her directly. The vast majority of these celebrities are extremely busy and they can be very expensive as well. The idea is to create the right plan and get in touch with them with the right budget. No matter what your budget is, you will always find a celebrity that will cater to your requirements.

This is where the agency comes to action because they know the compensation of the celebrities and how exactly your event should be. Whether your event is a white-collar one or a casual event, it all starts with you having a flexible budget.

You have to understand that hiring a celebrity will give you good returns. And this is the reason why you need to invest as well. Also, there is an art of talking to celebrities; practice makes a man perfect. An influencer marketing agency will not only form the contract and strategy but also hire the right celebrity for you. You simply need to contact them with the business proposition.

When to get in touch with an influencer marketing agency?

Well, if you are looking for celebrity booking for the event 6 months from now, you should get in touch with the agency at the earliest. Because otherwise, the celebrity might be already booked. You can get the most out of your favourite celebrity in terms of promotion and preparation if you are right on time. Once you get in touch with the agency, they will use their solid network to talk to the celebrity and negotiate with them. This process will again take a few days or a few weeks as celebrities are always busy and it is very likely that their assistants/pr team will communicate with the agency. Do not procrastinate on this task.

The agency will contact them via social media or personal contact. If you have already thought about the event but haven’t booked your favourite celebrity yet, you need to be flexible with the budget. You should also make sure that your schedule is flexible enough so that you can adjust it a little bit to accommodate them.

Do your research: Secondly, when you’re looking for the right celebrity, you need to research well before making connections and sending out invitations. You need to get in touch with a celebrity that is passionate about your cause or understands what you are trying to offer to the audience. They must also care about the purpose of your event (if there is a purpose at all). Just like other people, celebrities also have different passions, interests, causes, etc. they stand up for.

For instance, while a celebrity might have strong opinions about Environmental Conservation, others can be passionate about gender equality and ending domestic abuse. There are so many celebrities that actively promote awareness about HIV/AIDS as well. Celebrities like Richard Gere have a solid track record of talking about human rights issues. So keep the purpose of the event in mind so that you can get in touch with the right celebrity.

If you are doing some great charity work, even an extremely popular celebrity can waive the fee if the quality of work is good. You should be a little conscious about the booking price that can start from a few thousand and go up to a million dollars.

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What can I offer the celebrity so that he or she is interested in my event?

No matter what kind of event you are hosting, it is always reasonable to offer them money as compensation. You should also arrange flight tickets and hotel bookings for them. Provide them with other parks and value-added services so that they get interested to be present at your event.

You should also help him or her understand how it will be beneficial for them. They might do it for their benefits as well such as social media profile boost, public image clearing, etc.

If you are arranging the event at a great location, you should also make it a point to talk about the same.

How can I get in touch with such celebrities?

Celebrities and high-profile influencers received dozens of emails and invitations every week. It is the reason why you should get in touch with an influencer marketing or celebrity booking agency that will help you with this. They have the right contacts and they know how to get the job done. You should use Instagram, Twitter on LinkedIn to get in touch with your favourite celebrity.

Otherwise, the agency you have chosen will do the task for you. They will also negotiate the terms and conditions with the celeb. When you are getting in touch with your agency, make sure you let them know about your budget right from the start. If you have particular preferences, you should tell them about the same.

When the agency is getting in touch with your favourite celebrity, ask them to keep it simple and articulate the value. They should also understand that they are just people and deserve all kinds of privacy. If your budget doesn’t suit the celebrity, the agency should be transparent about the same to both parties so that you can work on Plan B.

To wrap it up, celebrity booking can be quite a fussy thing if you don’t have access to the network. However, thanks to influencer marketing and celebrity booking agencies, you can easily get in touch with them these days. They are just a phone call away and the next thing you know is that they are making an appearance at your event.

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