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Car impoundment-How to avoid getting your car impounded?

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impounded car insurance

Impounded car insurance can assist you to get your car out of an impound if it has been impounded by the police assisting you to avoid the prospect of one of your most prized controls being thrashed. 

What is impounded car insurance?

It refers to a policy that gives temporary car insurance for impounded cars providing drivers with good documentation to recover their impounded car from the police pound.

If your car is impounded by the police, you are needed to give them insurance documentation proving that you have an insurance policy in place that covers impounded vehicles and is valid for at least 30 days.

Many standard insurance policies will not be accepted as they infrequently cover impounded vehicles which means that you may require to take out specialist impound insurance.

Impounded car insurance is a temporary insurance policy particularly designed to assist you to recover your impounded car as early as possible. Insurance policies generally cover third-party only and last for 30 days.

If you are handed an impound notice by the police for not having insurance cover, a specialist impounded car insurance policy will give you good documentation to get your vehicle back with a little hassle.

 Reasons why your car would be impounded

As you know that if your car is not insured, it can be impounded, there are some other reasons that can make your vehicle be impounded which include:

  • The vehicle was parked illegally 
  • The vehicle was driven without paying a road tax
  • The vehicle was driven dangerously
  • If a person was driving the vehicle without insurance

What happens to the vehicle that was impounded for no insurance?

If you find yourself in a situation where you are not able to either pay the impound charges or give proof of insurance, a few things will likely happen. Either the vehicle will be auctioned or will be thrown away.

To avoid these critical situations, you will want to get your car out of an impound as early as possible. The pound will generally only keep a car for 30 days before confiscating it, but this can differ by location and company.

Release my vehicle is providing drivers with insurance for impounded vehicles. Our UK-based call centers are always open to assist you. Our experienced insurance brokers will be more than happy to help you.

Why do you need impounded car insurance?

Under the Road Traffic Law, the police and other authorities have got the power to impound any vehicle that has been driven without insurance or a driver is driving a vehicle without a valid license.

Impounded cars will be taken to the police pound where drivers must go to pay release charges. You have just 14 working days to recover your car, after it, it might be thrown away or auctioned.

If your vehicle is impounded for having no insurance, you must get adequate cover quickly to recover the vehicle before it is at great risk of being clobbered.

As already mentioned, most standard car insurance policies will not cover impounded vehicles, and if you want to release them, you should have enough coverage that particularly covers the release of impounded cars and covers you for at least 30 days.

You should act quickly to recover your vehicle within the 14-day time period, which is the reason getting insurance online is your best way to go, as the insurance broker can quickly send you documentation and confirmation via mail.

What will be the cost of it?

Insurance policies to get your car out of an impound can differ from one insurance broker to other. General factors like car value have less of an effect on impounded vehicle insurance.

To claim your car, you will need

  • Proof of identity. This includes a driving license and passport. The student’s employer’s ID will not be accepted.
  • Your driving license
  • Insurance certificate. If your car was impounded with no insurance, then you will need an impounded car insurance policy that lasts for at least 30 days but will allow you to get your car.
  • Proof of ownership. You will need your logbook that clearly shows your address and name. In the event you have just purchased the vehicle, you will need an un-changed new keeper accessory.
  • If your vehicle is older than 3 years, you will need a valid MOT certificate to get your vehicle.

Can you use temporary insurance to recover the vehicle?

Temporary car insurance is available from many insurance brokers, but many standard insurance policies will exclude impounded cars and will therefore be good when it comes to retrieving your vehicle.

Taking out a one-day car insurance policy will not be enough, as your insurance policy is needed to be valid for at least 30 days.

Specialist Impounded Car Quotes

Many established car insurance brokers will not provide car insurance for impounded cars, so may need an expert insurance provider.

Cover from Release my vehicle can help you in these kinds of situations as our expert team can arrange insurance quotes in a few minutes. So, just contact us and get what you need.

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