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Google voice

If you are a social media user then you should know the importance of Google.  It is counted as the most used social media platform as a search engine.  While its provided tools are famous in different other services. Google has solved the problem of multiple devices through Google voice numbers. This service was provided by Google in 2011. But it has gain attention in 2017 after the Google update. Through this service, you can manage all your purposes such as business and personal through a single device.  In the Google voice number, you will get a US phone number with your area code. If you are feeling difficulty getting this number then you can buy Google voice numbers from our website. We guarantee our accounts that these will be used for a long time.

Features of Google voice numbers

Google voice number has much importance in the social networking business.  And it is not only for business but it is useful for personal life. Getting a Google voice number gives you the opportunity to divide your relationship. You can select some specific people who are important to you and give them your Google voice number for contacting. While your personal number could be used for your family and friends. Here are some features of Google voice numbers through those the demand for these numbers is increasing.

Use a single number instead of multiple numbers

If you have a Google Voice number then there is no need to having the burden of multiple devices. Because you can handle all your requirements through a single device.  According to the definition of Google voice number, it is a US number through that you can select your all phone numbers and can use it instead of all numbers. Or you can set Buy Google voice Accounts number on multiple devices and can use any of them which is suitable for you. For example, you want your clients to not contact you on your personal number, and for those, you should arrange a new number and device. Then it will be expensive for you, so you can get a Google voice number and then contact them through Google voice number.

Call blocking

If anyone is disturbing you through calls as well as text messages then you can block this number.  After blocking the phone number holder can not contact you. This facility is not available only for ordinary number holders. But Google voice numbers users could get this facility. It gives another facility that the blocked person will unaware that he is blocked or not.

Calls and messages without charges

You will get a US phone number and your area code in case of a Google voice number. And the best feature and advantage of this service is that you can make national calls and text messages without any charges. So this is the best method to save the money that you spend on making calls and text messages locally. US and Canadian people can get this facility of free calling.

Why choose our website for Google voice numbers

You can buy Google voice numbers from our website. Because we have a good name in the market of social media accounts dealing.  And we know about customers’ requirements. So you can trust on us and get our services at minimum price.

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