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Builders of mezzanine floors

warehouse mezzanine floors

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warehouse mezzanine floors

Raised storage areas, often known as warehouse mezzanine floors, are an affordable solution to expand your helpful office and storage space. Our structural mezzanine floors are made to do this, and shifting offices would be more expensive. They are also locally designed and manufactured in Australia.

Since our floorings are free-standing, they may be constructed, installed, and used quickly. Before beginning design work, we complete a site measurement for each of them to ensure that it will meet your needs. We have years of experience building small and large floors as mezzanine floor builders. And for various purposes, such as two-story floors, heavy-duty storage, and light-weight offices.

Mezzanine Floors’ Advantages

Our mezzanine floors are a tried-and-true way to make your warehouse or office space more practical. Still, they also have several other advantages besides just being a simple, practical solution to upgrade your current location without moving.

Cost-efficient building. Mezzanine floors are an affordable option to expand your floor area, especially when compared to the cost of moving your company to a larger workspace. They are also quick to produce and construct.

Customisable. Mezzanine floors are highly customizable structures that may fit your business’s needs, from heavy-duty storage to office spaces and breakout rooms.

It can be quickly built or taken down. Mezzanine floors are swiftly and efficiently removed without causing lasting harm to your current area because they are free-standing structures that don’t need bolting into your floors or walls manufactured off-site.

Platform Floor

Two methods are used to build a warehouse mezzanine floor: first, with pallet racking supporting the base. Second, by using a steel construction that has been specially made. These two solutions can be used to store items or free up floor space, and each has its advantages. Which choice is the most appropriate for your warehouse or purpose? The relevant information provides below.

Essentially, these systems are designed to adjust the selections to suit your needs. Suppose you’re looking for a plan or a proposal. For a free consultation and price, call BOS Storage.

Elevated storage spaces

It uses the same components as a typical pallet-racking setup that evolved from pallet racking. The arrangement, however, is made to work with a raised floor construction. Pallet racking is a pre-engineered system of frames and beams, and we can develop a cost-effective design using this product that is currently on the market. The option to put shelving into it at both the top and bottom of the floor is another excellent benefit.

The beams may easily clip into the racks to construct shelves, like heavy-duty shelving or pallet racking.

Mezzanine Floor with Structure

A “Structural Mezzanine Floor” is a steel fabrication explicitly produced to your specifications when you use the term. Unlike a raised storage area, this nut fastens together to make any measurements. You’ll see more freedom with the span’s distance because it is custom-made.

Additional office space above the factory floor works well with structural mezzanine floors. Various alternatives are available, such as flooring, clad walls, windows, or air conditioning. Both the value of the building and the usability of the space can increase.

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