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Bread Baking Tips – Cheap Bread Baking Appliances and Tools for Beginners

by sarakhan
Bread Baking

If you’re a beginner, you don’t need a kitchen full of professional baking utensils to be a good baker, just a few bread baking essentials. As your love of baking grows, you’ll buy more and more baking accessories, and eventually your entire kitchen will be filled with quality appliances and tools. Here are the most basic items you’ll need

Measure and Spoon

You’ll need a universal metal measuring spoon that allows you to properly measure flour, sugar, milk, etc. Do not use the same measuring cup for dry and liquid ingredients. For dry materials, use measuring cups with riveted handles that allow you to spoon the material and keep it in line. For water and liquid ingredients, use a glass or clear plastic cup with a graduated scale on the side to reliably measure. Do not shake the measuring cup after pouring in the flour. If you shake the cup to balance the flour, the components of the flour will shrink and you will end up with more than the recipe calls for. Believe it or not, this can result in a discrepancy of two tablespoons or more.


Blenders are very important for combining and mixing. Electric blenders, food processors, and blenders are very useful in the kitchen. The best models of hand blenders have adjustable speeds and come with a fine mixing bowl and whisk. Grandma’s whisk is also great for beating eggs and cream or making light pastries.

The whisk is great for stirring in ingredients, beating egg whites or cream, or mixing ingredients while heating in a pan. A spatula can also be used for a multitude of other purposes, such as scraping dough off the sides of a bowl, placing fillings on top or pouring light ingredients into heavy cookies. It is also the only tool that can cut from the middle of egg whites to the bottom.

Mixer bowl

When folding egg whites into the batter, use a large, heavy bowl that can be secured while mixing. Start by getting a mixing bowl that can be used to prepare the ingredients, mix them, beat the egg whites and cream, and rise the bread. Mixing bowls should have large, easy-to-use handles, a free-flowing spout, and the ability to use an electric mixer.

Ceramic or stone mixing bowls are very versatile, as they can be used directly in the refrigerator, oven, or dishwasher. A very small bowl and a large bowl are very useful.

Oven dishes

Tin-plated iron pans are great for baking cakes. If you’re baking in nonstick, glass, or dark-colored pans, the temperature listed in the recipe should be 25°C lower; smaller pans are useful if you’re making cakes for two to four people. Some recipes indicate which material – metal, glass, or stone – works best. So read the recipe carefully to make sure you have the right type of pan. Why not make artisan bread in your own kitchen at home with a clay pan?

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