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Braces Penang: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Back Braces

by hongyichonguum
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Approximately  half of million people in Malaysia are today motivated to correct their teeth with orthodontic braces Penang by the desire for a beautiful, healthy smile.


However, for many, there is a substantial barrier to receiving treatment: they dislike the appearance of traditional metal braces.


Numerous practically undetectable choices are available for youngsters with strong self-images, working adults, and anyone who don’t want to draw attention to their ongoing dental work. And they are becoming more well-liked.


According to the Southeast Nebraska,  the global Invisible Braces market size will reach USD 16120 Million in 2028, growing at a CAGR of 20.3% over the analysis period.


Similar to traditional braces, lingual braces are attached to the tongue- or lingual-side of the teeth at the rear of the teeth. They are essentially undetectable since they are hidden behind your teeth.


Learn more about lingual braces, its benefits and drawbacks, and whether you’re a good candidate for this kind of orthodontic treatment by reading on.



Do you fit the criteria for lingual braces?


Consult with your orthodontist if you want to be sure lingual braces are the best option for you. Overall, lingual braces are just as effective at correcting alignment problems as traditional (buccal) braces.


Lingual braces met the treatment objectives that patients and clinicians had set forth, according to a review of the research published by Researchgate.net in 2000-2015.


But not everyone is a good candidate for lingual braces. For instance, patients who have really deep overbites may experience brackets coming loose more frequently.


Your orthodontist will check your teeth during your initial session and go over the treatment choices that are most likely to be successful for you. Talk to your orthodontist early in the procedure if you’re interested in lingual braces because not all orthodontists are qualified to use them.


Lingual braces are more expensive than alternative choices.


Your braces’ price will vary based on:


  • the duration of your care
  • your residence
  • you are covered by insurance (if you have insurance)
  • which kind of appliance you select.


You will discuss pricing and payment options with your orthodontist, but if you’d want a rough sense of prices in your neighbourhood, check out this database from an online paid dental and orthodontist directory.


Lingual braces may cost more, in part because they require a more careful and labor-intensive application process than traditional braces.


Additionally, lingual braces can be made specifically for each patient, which raises the price.


Unlike lingual braces, which can be robotically bent to fit a specific patient’s mouth, traditional braces have wires that are bent in a consistent horseshoe shape. Your treatment time might be cut short by that bespoke fit, but it costs money.


According to the Malaysian Association of Orthodontists, braces penang typically cost RM 6000 to RM 8000.


Lingual braces: Will they cause me to lisp?


Yes, to answer briefly. To produce specific sounds when you talk, your tongue touches the backs of your teeth. Since the brackets are on the backs of your teeth, when you initially get lingual braces, your speech will be impaired.


While all braces have the potential to temporarily alter your speech patterns, a 2014 studyTrusted Source discovered that lingual braces had the potential to alter your speech for a month or more.


Studies have also revealed that the type of brackets your orthodontist chooses to employ may affect the degree of speech impairment.


Speech therapy methods have helped some people with their lingual lisps. Your tongue will eventually adjust to the braces, though, and your speech should return to normal.


Lingual braces: Are they less pleasant than other types of braces?


braces penang


You will experience some discomfort as your teeth start to shift, regardless of the type of braces you select.


Most patients describe this discomfort as a dull aching, and over-the-counter drugs can usually make it go away. Until the pain goes away, you should probably eat soft meals like yoghurt, rice, and soft-boiled eggs.


When brackets make contact with the soft tissues in your mouth, braces can also hurt. Due of where the brackets are placed, the tongue frequently hurts when wearing lingual braces.


The discomfort of lingual braces can be severe for some patients. Lingual brackets are becoming thinner and smoother as more manufacturers strive to increase patient comfort. Additionally, the brackets can be altered, which has been proved to lessen discomfort.


Try applying a little quantity of wax over any rough edges on your brackets or a topical tooth pain relief cream to temporarily soothe painful areas. Contact your orthodontist if a wire is sticking out or hurting you. You can cut wires to prevent injuries from occurring.


What benefits and drawbacks do lingual braces offer?



-Lingual braces are almost undetectable.

-They efficiently fix the majority of biting issues.

-You can alter them to improve your comfort and boost their effectiveness.


-The cost of lingual braces may be higher than that of other varieties.

-They may make you feel really uncomfortable, especially at initially.

-They might cause you to lisp momentarily.

-They might require more time than traditional braces.




If you need braces but don’t want them to be noticeable,  braces penang may be a viable alternative. They are less noticeable than traditional braces because they are linked to the rear sides of your teeth.


Lingual braces may cost more than conventional braces and take a bit longer to complete treatment, depending on local prices and your specific dental needs.


As your tongue adjusts to the brackets, you should anticipate some discomfort, and you should be ready for a mild lisp during the first few weeks or months of treatment.


Meeting with an orthodontist is the best method to find out if braces penang are a good option for you. They are able to examine your teeth and suggest the best course of action for you.


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