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Botanical Garden Lot, Land Ready to Build.

by Lauren

The Botanical Garden Plot is a development, located in Alphaville Brasília DF, a good real estate investment is always sought after by investors of all kinds land to build in a valued neighborhood is always a good deal.

In addition, it is one of the most valued in Brazil, which makes the land there even more disputed. So if you are looking for a good investment or for construction this is the lot you were looking for.

They are land ready to build, with area from several m². The development offers a number of benefits to its residents, such as:

Security: the development has a complete security structure, with hours surveillance and monitoring cameras; Leisure: the residents of lote Jardim Botânico have a complete leisure structure, with courts, swimming pools, party halls and barbecues.

Transportation: the development is located near important avenues, with this facilitates access to any part of the city. For those interested in acquiring a land in the Botanical Garden Plot, the construction company offers a number of advantages.

Financing deadline: the project offers financing term with options with competitive interest rates; Ease of payment: residents of the Botanical Garden Plot can pay for their land in various ways, including with caixa econômica bank in a development with security, leisure and transportation structure.

Ideal for those looking to build their own home. Besides being in a valued region, the land is large and has all the necessary infrastructure for construction, this option of Amobb Condominium, has attracted many people to know as well. For those thinking of investing, the lot is also an excellent option. With an affordable value and a good location, it can become an excellent business and generate many profits in the medium term.


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