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Better Website Performance- Serverwala’s Dedicated Server In Malaysia

by Muhammad Umar
Better Website Performance

We are going to discuss Better Website Performance- Serverwala’s Dedicated Server In Malaysia .A business owner creates an online presence to advertise its offerings or products. As we expand our business, we strive to offer our best services to our customers in terms of the products we sell or the website’s quality in which we advertise our products. Dedicated Servers are the ideal choice to host a highly-traffic website to avoid interruption within the company. Server Wala provides the top dedicated Server in Malaysia with the 99.90 100% uptime guarantee for all users, ensuring an uninterrupted website performance. All the benefits of dedicated servers at an affordable cost for your website.

In this article, we’ll discuss dedicated servers in-depth and why it is beneficial to use a hosting service like Serverwala to host a dedicated server in Malaysia.

The importance of dedicated servers for Business Sites with a High Traffic

Imagine that you’ve reached a certain point at which everybody knows your brand name, and then you see a drop in traffic, and it’s negatively impacting your brand’s image.

This is due to the huge traffic you’re experiencing on the sharing server. Shared servers have very few capabilities and are shared with other websites. This means you have very inadequate security and a limited amount of resources. This is the only time you’ll lose your logo during peak traffic. The neighbouring websites affect your site negatively if they’re engaged in illegal actions or are adult websites. Your site will immediately experience a decline of your website or slower page loading speeds.

Therefore, to avoid issues like downtime of websites or slow loading speed or security issues, Serverwala offers their Best dedicated Server Malaysia for sites with high traffic. The dedicated servers offer an increased level of security and a 99.90 100% uptime on the network. You will get SSD storage and the Malaysia Dedicated server to store the applications and software you need. Server Wala provides the most popular advantages of dedicated servers, including 24-hour customer support. We will now discuss a few of the benefits of a Dedicated Server in Malaysia listed in the following.

Serverwala’s dedicated Server Malaysia Features.

Malaysia Dedicated Server Hostings comes with options like secure, SSD storage, SSL certificate, SSH root access, amazing flexibility, and others. We will look at some of these features further in this article. We will also highlight how Serverwala can provide the top dedicated server Malaysia services.

High Security

Unlike shared hosting, Dedicated Server Malaysia provides the best security for your website. It ensures you will have the highest level of network uptime for the website, ensuring that your website can function easily. Serverwala’s Most dedicated Server Malaysia can be the most reliable option for security. Because it’s an actual server and the total power is yours to control, you can manage the Server and even make adjustments to meet your requirements. The increased security level helps a dedicated server to operate securely for your website.

SSH Root Control

As the name suggests, dedicated servers are completely dedicated to you. You can alter functions or even add new functions to the Server. Once you’ve gained control access, you can manage each aspect. The feature offered by Best Dedicated Server Malaysia gives you the ability to control the hardware and software in the system.

Infrastructure Reliability

Since dedicated servers are physically located servers and are housed in data centres to ensure servers remain operational even when the power goes out locally. With Serverwala’s best-dedicated Server, Malaysia, you can benefit from the most secure infrastructure for your Server and enjoy the incredible potential of the Server.

SSD Storage as well as SSL Certificate

A dedicated server is equipped with the most SSD storage instead of an insufficient amount of storage like other hosting services. Due to SSD storage, you’re permitted to run and install your preferred applications with ease. Additionally, Serverwala offers a private SSL certificate to all customers who use Serverwala’s Best Dedicated Server Malaysia hosting. An SSL certificate is essential if you need any personal information from clients; it builds trust in your business.

The choice to Select Control Panel

If we host our site using shared hosting, typically, we are provided with the control panel offered by the hosting company. However, you can choose to select among two panels with dedicated servers. Server Wala is a provider of cPanel and a Plesk control panel that we can use to manage the operations of your website. In general, Cpanel is popular among people because it is simple to use. However, you can choose any.

Dedicated Server Offers Unique IP Addresses

Most websites experience issues because they do not have a particular IP. As a result, the use of shared servers. After a time, it is necessary to have a separate URL for the Server due to the volume of the number of visitors to your website. This means you have two IP addresses, IP4 and IP6, for the Server. You can also purchase additional IP addresses for an additional cost by using Malaysia’s best-dedicated Server.

Server Wala provides the Cheapest Prices for Dedicated Servers in Malaysia.

For a site that receives a lot of traffic, it is essential to have reliable hosting that gives more power to the website and is simple to manage. Thus, Serverwala comes with customized packages that cater to all customers looking for the best yet cheap Dedicated Server Malaysia plans. The plans start at $350 per month, which means you will get the CPU(Xeon(R) CPU E3-1230 v3 4 Cores/ 8T) 16GB RAM 500GB SSD storage and 1TB at 1Gbps bandwidth. You can also personalize this plan if you need greater functionality for your website.


Maybe now you’ve gotten your head straight about Dedicated Servers and why they are a good option for sites with high traffic. When running a website with a lot of attention, it is important to provide top-quality services to your clients. This is not just regarding the product you provide but as a website owner. Therefore, to ensure that your brand’s image is strong, choose Serverwala’s Top Dedicated Server Malaysia on your website page. This allows you to earn a lot of money for your company. The solution is all-inclusive when you select Serverwala’s services.

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