YES! There's something beautiful that occurs after applying your foundation.

by mehrotrasaanvi

YES! There’s something beautiful that occurs after applying your foundation… It provides an incredibly smooth and buildable coverage, and the best part is that it’s far more effective than the foundation brush. The pointed tip works perfectly into the difficult to reach areas of the eyes and the nose.

But, most importantly, there are some rules I have a firm belief in to follow in order to be a good person (I don’t know how many times I’ve witnessed people making the wrong use of them) therefore pay close and pay attention!

  • It is important to moisten it before applying. I’ve seen a lot of my friends using it dry , and the foundation does not go on evenly or smooth.
  • It’s necessary to squeeze it under water 10 times until it grows grows and continues to grow. This is when you can tell that it’s finished.
  • It is necessary to wrap it in a towel before you squeeze it to rid it of the excess water. If not, the foundation becomes too wet.
  • You must place the sponge in the foundation with the palm of your hands and then move it in a circular motion to make it thinner before it gets close to your face. This ensures a more evenly applied application.
  • For spreading the foundation evenly over your neck and face make sure you squeeze the egg between your fingers and your thumb, then move across the surface as well as upwards and downwards to its side (45-degree angle) by using short strokes.
  • To make sure areas require more attention, apply the edge of the sponge to make the swirling (pressing) motion, holding the sponge at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • For tackling your undereye area Use the tip’s side by rolling it.

The easiest method to wash them out is to use an ounce of soap containing glycerin. Hand wash does not work as well in getting all foundation removed. You just need to wet the sponge as well as the soap bar in water and rub the sponge with the soap in a circular motion Then, pinch and drag your thumb over the sponge, and watch as all the foundation fall out.

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