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Apartments for Sale in Dubai Marina

luxury apartments in Dubai

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Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in Dubai. This impressive community boasts luxury skyscrapers, a range of dining and entertainment options and best of all, it offers urban waterfront living to its residents. It is the most famous area for leasing luxury apartments in Dubai

Dubai Marina is a carefully-planned community, complete with a seamless network of roads and a beautiful marina, filled with luxury yachts. It is a genuine testament to master developer, Emaar Properties, who turned a 3.5 km strip of shoreline into a 6,452,391 sq. ft. modern neighbourhood that offers a stylish Riviera-style lifestyle. A pivotal feature of this multi-purpose neighbourhood is the large canal, it stretches over 3.5 km providing access to the sea on both ends. Potential residents can choose from an assortment of luxurious apartments in high-rise buildings, set against the gorgeous backdrop of the marina.

There are several freehold properties and projects, giving expats and foreign investors full ownership of the property purchased. In case you are interested in buying an apartment in Dubai Marina, the sale prices for studio apartments start from AED 385k while 1-bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai Marina range from AED 480k to AED 2.5M. The average price for 2-bed flats for sale is AED 1.6M, while freehold 3-bed units cost AED 2.6M on average.

Those looking to buy 4-bedroom apartments can find that prices range from AED 1.6M to AED 25M. The higher-end priced units are normally furnished serviced apartments. 5-bed penthouses for sale in Dubai Marina are priced for an average of AED 7.1M, the size of these units ranges from 3,617 sq. ft. to 15,320 sq. ft. Apartment prices rise up to AED 49M for those luxurious penthouses in Dubai Marina.

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