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An overview of the advantages of using a social media post planner

by sarah cobb

Your writing has been consistent with the marketing and branding strategy. Make use of a thorough and well-organized social media post planner to maintain a regular schedule.

In this day and age, if your business doesn’t have a social media presence, you’re behind the times. Even just two years ago, about 90% of B2B businesses were using at least one social network.

However, you shouldn’t simply register for any social media site. You need to have a strategy in place to guarantee that the relevant audience and the appropriate channels are being reached with the right message for your business.

One part of your social media strategy should be creating a timetable for your company’s social media content because managing your company’s social media accounts and creating fantastic content can be a difficult task. Employers can use a social media post planner to plan out and arrange their social media content in manageable chunks.

The purpose of a social media post planner

An editorial calendar or a publication schedule for social media updates are both examples of content calendars. In order to manage content across a variety of media, including newspapers, magazines, blogs, email newsletters, and social media platforms, it is reportedly used by bloggers, publishers, businesses, and organizations.

This website claims that it is a written schedule of the times and places at which you intend to publish upcoming material. It typically includes details about upcoming articles, status updates, marketing initiatives that are scheduled, partnerships, and changes to previously published content.

Social Media Post Planner Advantages

The main benefits of social media post planners that you may apply to your companies are listed below.

Saves time

Making a social media post calendar is the best way to efficiently manage your time and resources. It guarantees that whoever posts will have plenty of time to thoroughly study topics and develop engaging content. You may create material in little portions rather than having to do it every day.

keeps the balance

As they say, variety makes life interesting. This is especially true of social media. Nobody subscribes to a social media account to see the same content posted there continuously. Making a social media post calendar is the easiest way to make sure you don’t overwhelm your audience with any one form of content. Consider integrating local and national current events if you’re having difficulties coming up with new ideas; this is a great way to switch things up while still keeping your content timely and relevant for your audience.

Easy to create themes

To add coherence and humor to your social network, use themed postings. A few examples of themed posts are a weekly “around the office” photo, a flashback Thursday photo on Facebook, or even a motivational quote each Monday (with #MotivationMonday). Simple to design, themed blogs give your audience something to look forward to each week. Want some original topical post ideas?

Engage in significant events

It’s easy to get bogged down in regular tasks and forget about an important event or holiday. If you create a social media post planner and include dates that are significant to your business or audience, you won’t ever miss an important day again.

Avoidance of social overload

If your clients use social media, you should too. However, be cautious not to overuse any one particular social networking platform. The most annoying activity an account might participate in, according to 22.1% of respondents in a Fast Company survey of social media users, is excessive posting. By making a social media post planner, you can make sure that your content is evenly distributed throughout all of your social media networks.

Be organized

They say, “He who plans to fail, prepares to fail.” A detailed calendar is necessary to keep the blogging process planned and structured (and to keep you sane). Like a solid marketing plan, a great marketing strategy also includes content. It keeps you on task and guarantees that your writing is consistent with your main objective.

Enhances brainstorming

When consumers are urged to start blogs, they usually ask what to blog about to meet the needs of their target audience. This is just another reason why a content schedule is necessary. It’s a fantastic tool for generating blog post ideas or other content concepts that will interest your intended audience.

Stay consistent

People and organizations who start blogging without a strategic plan typically struggle with a lack of consistency. They stop after a few months of content creation because they run out of ideas or go off the original path. You may maintain consistency in the material you produce and share by employing an editorial calendar of social media post planners.

Stay current

It’s crucial for entrepreneurs and business owners to stay current with changes in their industry and field. Using your calendar, you can stay up to date on the most recent news on the web and social media Management.

Lessen daily stress

The life of an entrepreneur or company owner is already very busy; they don’t need to bother about blogging or making social media updates on each site. To organize your hectic day and reduce your daily stress, you, your marketing team, or your social media team can create a content plan for your social media campaign utilizing a content planner application.

Create content for each platform separately

A social media content calendar is a great tool for social media marketing since it allows you to organize each post for a specific social media site. As a result, a well-rounded collection of interesting, instructive, and entertaining content is available to your fans and followers across various social media platforms. Another typical error is sharing the same information on all of your social media channels. A social media content planner helps you avoid this. Using a content calendar template created in Google Sheets, you can modify each piece of information to fit the platform if you post the same content across numerous social networks. This is essential for your social media strategy.

Boost performance

A great piece of content is the consequence of many factors. These factors include things like your call to action, publishing date, content production process, etc. Utilizing your social media post planner content calendar will make it simpler to keep track of the numerous factors involved in producing that piece of content.

Be punctual

Entrepreneurs and business owners have extremely busy schedules. Adding content creation and dissemination comes at a higher expense. As a result, it can be simple for you to put off duties like hiring an AI content writer to generate material when more important areas of your business demand your immediate attention. But with your content calendar, delivering top-notch material regularly and on time will always take precedence.

Consider the big picture

Your ideal social media post planner would provide you with a complete overview of the entire content marketing process. You can gain a broader understanding of the broad subjects you could discuss every day, every week, or every month. It will give you the choice to publish more or less stuff.

Examine fresh concepts

One of the main problems for marketing content planners is coming up with creative ideas for content generation. Astute bloggers and marketers spend a lot of money on tools and other resources to find new ideas for content development. With a content timetable, you’ll have plenty of time to generate new content concepts. The main focus of your content strategy should be on creating a tonne of evergreen, shareable content for your social media platforms. Evergreen material and similar content are frequently highly popular on social media networks.

Keep in sync

Genuine content creation and marketing success do not come from one individual. Collaboration is essential! Depending on the media you’ve chosen, you could need the assistance of an editor, a graphics designer, a photographer, and a videographer. Working with varied teams and groups of people is challenging. In order to gather the essential and timely information from each of these numerous sources, you will instead coordinate your efforts with those of the other team members utilizing your calendar.

Bolster the brand’s mission

In the context of content marketing, substantial amounts of information must be regularly produced, ideally as part of a strategy to promote your brand’s objective. It is crucial to have an editorial timetable in your social media post planner in order to maintain your brand vision at the forefront of the content creation, optimization, and marketing processes.

Better your delegation

Businesses and organizations that regularly produce a lot of content and frequently work with both internal and external content producers need to designate specialized positions. When done in conjunction with an editing schedule, delegation is far more advantageous.

Multi-platform publishing

Do you post on various websites or just on one platform? Do your marketing initiatives include social media posts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others? What goals do you have for your multi-site publication effort? You may complete all of these using your calendar.

How to Effectively Use a Social Media Post Planner

However, a social media post planner may be a very useful tool for managing your social media presence, which many businesses are unaware of.

To make the most of a social media post planner, follow these suggestions:

1. Make use of it for planning

Planning your posts in advance is one of the greatest ways to use a social media post planner. By doing this, you can guarantee that your postings are regularly spread out and that you have a regular presence on social media.

2. Use it to monitor your development

Another excellent technique to monitor your progress and assess the effectiveness of your posts is to use a social media post planner. In order to understand what works and what doesn’t work for your firm, this knowledge can be quite helpful.

3. Use it to maintain organization

Staying organized is a fantastic additional benefit of using a social media post planner. If you have several individuals working on your social media presence, this is very crucial. You can make sure that everyone is on the same page and that your social media strategy is cohesive by using a social media post planner.

4. Make time-saving use of it

Ultimately, you can save a tonne of time by using a social media post scheduler. You may avoid the last-minute scurry to think of anything to post by taking the time to plan your posts in advance. Your time could be freed up, as a result, to work on other elements of your company.

It’s time to start using a social media calendar if you aren’t already. You can use these suggestions to get the most out of this beneficial tool.


In conclusion, organizing and staying on top of your content marketing endeavors will be made possible by arranging your material in advance. You can quickly plan your social media posts effectively and manage your social media campaigns with tools like NinjaContent.

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