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Amazon Advertising Types Guide

Amazon Advertising Types

by Stella Sharon
what is amazon dsp

You can market your products all over the world via Amazon. You can have an Amazon online store, and grow your business swiftly.

The big question is, “Will my product stand out in organic results when there are hundreds of distinct competitors in almost every product category?”

Amazon has redesigned its advertising capabilities over the last few years, and now offers a variety of formats and ad products that compete with Google or Facebook.

Amazon’s PPC advertisements are waiting to help you, which means you don’t need to wait long for exposure. 

PPC or pay-per-click ads are an extremely efficient strategy for digital marketing that allows marketers to pay for ad prices based on the number of people who click on their ads.

Amazon shop owners could use the PPC advertising technique currently provided by platforms such as Google, Microsoft, and Yandex to place their products before customers as well as make them prominent attractive, appealing, and eager to buy.

Amazon Ad Types

Prime has millions of customers, which is why businesses in eCommerce look to Amazon Prime to advertise their products in front of their customers. But, since the quantity of Amazon Prime users increases and so does the degree of competition.

While listing optimization and SEO is crucial for enhancing search engine results it is also necessary to be a bit more active to get maximum visibility.

This is the place Amazon Ads may help. They’re among the most efficient methods to boost the momentum of your business when utilized properly.

The type of advert you require will be determined by your product’s characteristics and the goals you’re trying to achieve. There are three kinds of Amazon advertisements:

  1. Sponsored Display
  2. Sponsored Brands
  3. Sponsored Products

They’re all pay-per-click ads and, each time a person clicks your advertisement, you’ll need to pay a tiny amount.

1. Products sponsored by sponsors

Amazon’s search results pages for shopping and product pages contain ads for sponsored product promotions that promote specific product offerings.

This type of campaign comes with the lowest entry hurdle for new sellers within Amazon’s advertising products since it doesn’t need an Amazon brand registry.

Professional suppliers, sellers, and agencies have immediate access to Sponsored Product campaigns. With Sponsored Product ads companies can target specific keywords, items, and categories.

2. Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Product ads are carried out using a pay-per-click model and can be targeted with keywords such as products, categories, or even categories. The Sponsored Brands initiative follows an identical approach.

Sponsored Brands campaigns are advertisements for an online product page or range of products from one brand, rather than listing individual products.

Products Collection, Store Spotlight videos commercials, and Store Spotlight are the three possibilities for ads from Sponsored Brands. 

Carousel-style representation of a company’s preferred products is shown along with the name of the product and logo that is custom-designed for ads for product collections.

Instead of focusing on a specific product, they connect directly to each listing of brands in the carousel. It is an effective way to draw attention and buyers to a brand’s complete product catalog.

Store Spotlight ads use the same layout of carousels however, instead of connecting to the brand’s Amazon website, they link directly to the company’s website.

For some vendors that offer customers all the products offered by a particular brand, accompanied by appealing text, pictures, and videos showcasing the business and its products can increase the value of an order by a significant amount and boosts the loyalty of customers.

Auto-playing video clips that link to a website for the brand are part of Sponsored Product Video advertising.

3. Sponsored Display

If you’re aware of the locations where Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brand advertisements appear on Amazon and other sites, let’s look at Sponsored Display advertisements. 

Customers who previously visited a specific page for a brand are remarketed and served one brand display ad any time they visit the internet, with the option of selecting particular categories of products or products to target. 

This is done by using one image of the product that can be used as advertisements that display the same product to customers on Amazon.

The ads are displayed on sites that are part of Amazon’s DSP as well as on various websites and social networks. To increase the visibility of your brand and products as well as re-engage customers who are further in the sales funnel and had previously visited a product information page but didn’t purchase advertisements through Sponsored Display could be very efficient.

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