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Amazon Advertising Tips to Improve Your Advertising Campaign

by Mathew Johnson
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While the process of setting up your own Amazon store is easy, achieving the reach you desire takes time.

Many sellers are trying to sell the same item. Some even employ Amazon marketing companies.

If you don’t have a top seller rating, most likely you won’t receive enough exposure to drive more sales. The best approach to use is to use your Amazon advertisements.

Utilize keyword match types

If you’re comfortable using Google AdWords, then the idea of using amazon keyword match types is simple to grasp. 

Similar to AdWords, Amazon advertising is employing a specific phrase, exact as well as broad and negative match types that allow you to fine-tune your targeted audience.

The trick is to use the match types to fine tune the targeting to connect with buyers who have the highest degree of purchasing intention.

If you’re using the broad match option it is casting your net the widest you can.

Keywords can be used in the middle, front, or after your keywords. This is the most untargeted and may be useful when you are looking to develop new campaigns or think of additional keywords that are useful and new.

Phrase match, on other hand, allows you to reduce the searches you use to bring your ads to life.

Words can be placed before or after your keywords, and may contain misspellings or plurals.

It’s the most restrictive type of match of all. Although it allows you to display advertisements for misspellings and plurals for the keywords you have chosen, it won’t allow you to segregate the words you use or include additional words.

Use auto campaigns to your advantage

Utilizing auto campaigns to search for keywords that are turning. You can use those terms as keywords for those manual ads.

Find ways to make your optimization processes for keywords to be as automated as you can and then consider the refining of keyword match types as well as negative keywords.

Leverage long-tail keywords

At their core Long-tail keywords are search phrases which are more specific to keywords for search.

It’s usually composed from three to five keywords, which are then put together.

Let’s say you’re selling make-up bags. A long-tail keyword could be “small brush makeup bag.”

It’s job is to allow your advertisements to appear in more relevant searches. This will result in better conversions.

There is a possibility that someone is looking for a variety of makeup bags that you might not be able to provide.

If, however, a customer is seeking a specific item, such as an inexpensive makeup bag for brushes and you’ll appear in the results of a search this could be a benefit for your company.

Organize your campaigns

A more well-organized campaign structure is essential for running more successful and effective campaigns.

However If your campaign isn’t organized and not properly managed, you could end up making a lot of money through advertisements that result in non-qualified clicks, and are returned through the use of incorrect keywords.

There are many methods to plan your campaign structure.

All of them go through the same idea – to group your items by using similar keywords.

Another way to organize your campaigns is to do so by brand, category of product or the most popular selling items.

Optimize your bids

The default bids for Ad Groups are likely to harm your campaign due to the fact that it is likely that your bid won’t succeed for each keyword.

The best thing to do is place your default bid to the level of a keyword.

Be sure to pay attention to your conversion rates, and continuously alter your prices.

If, for instance, your conversion rate decreases in the first instance, don’t change your price or you’re likely to lose a significant amount of cash.

But the problem is that it’s almost difficult to create the ideal bid if not studying a significant amount of data on a regular basis.

Instead of obsessing over these numbers, you can automatize the bidding process using the use of machine learning to make the most profit.

Use Negative keywords

Negative keywords are the ones you can eliminate from a broad keyword search making sure that you do not rank for inappropriate keywords.

In determining which negative keywords to exclude such as look-up keywords which have been receiving huge amounts of traffic, however with a lower conversion rate.

This way, you can be sure that you’re not paying clicks that do not result in actual sales. 

Choose the perfect AMS ad format

Then, you should play around with different ads formats to meet your objectives.

  • Amazon Sponsored Product Advertisements This advertising format is perfect for use to advertise a specific product on the SERPs, to drive visitors to your page, increase sales and achieve faster results.
  • Sponsored Brands This advertisement type has proven efficient in directing traffic from search results to the page of the brand on Amazon. It’s a great option if you wish to increase your popularity and build your customer’s loyalty.
  • Amazon Product Advertising Displays Ideal if you are looking to increase the visibility of your product at the end of the buyer’s experience, and in a time when buyers are choosing between similar products from different sellers.

Final Thoughts

Like any other marketing campaign that you run, running campaigns on Amazon needs a significant amount of technical expertise and knowledge for it to perform at its highest. Follow these guidelines to create an effective Amazon marketing campaign.

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