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Al Twar Centre – Detailed Guide

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There are four additional municipal sub-centers in Dubai: Al Manara, Al Kifaf, Hatta, and Al Twar. The one-stop shop for all your government services is the Al Twar Centre. Many of the frequently occurring needs of the locals are handled by the office, including medical applications for work permits, visa renewals, and any other government services. Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, made the visionary request for the establishment of these municipal centres in Dubai. His suggestion to consolidate all government functions under one authority can make it easier for citizens and locals to address issues all at once.



The Al Twar is the result of Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s idea to offer a one-stop experience for all services related to the government. He is the Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. The Al Twar Center’s objectives are to support all of the events taking place in Dubai and to offer services that are of the finest quality possible.


Services Offered by the Al Twar Centre

Numerous services provided by the Al Twar Centre fall under the purview of the Dubai municipality. The following is a list of the departments and organisations that provide their services: 

  • Ministry of Human Resources/ Tasheel
  • Amer/ General Directory of Residency and Foreign Affairs
  • Dubai Courts (Notary Public- Personal status- Affiliate)
  • Directorate General of Dubai Civil Defence- Dubai
  • Dubai Health Authority
  • Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship
  • Dubai Economy
  • Ejari



Tasheel is set to simplify the procedures related to labour-related matters that concern both employees and employers across the UAE. The ministry is set up for the benefit of immigrant labourers and their employers to understand the requisites of labour laws in the UAE. This government also provides the ease of paying through online services. It gives the immigrants the following services:

  • writing an offer letter for a new job
  • Online cancellations
  • Pre-approval for a work permit application typed in electronically
  • submitting a new electronic work permit application or one already in existence
  • Renewal of electronic work permit



Amer helps the expats and citizens of the UAE with guidance related to work and residency permits. Amer uses premium technology for the faster conveyance and processing of the documents under their purview. The services include the issuance of work visas, modification of the status of visas, entry permits, etc. Anyone who is a resident, a citizen, or even a government or a private company can avail themselves of the services of Amer in Al-Twar Centre. 



The services of Dubai Courts are extended to every resident, citizen and even to the visitors of the country. The Notary Department at the Al-Twar Centre provides legal services like notarising contracts, signing contracts, certifying marriage contracts, attesting legal documents, and other attestation services.  



The Directorate General of Dubai Civil Defence has qualified staff that strictly oversees the security and safety services in Dubai. The Al-Twar centre offers the following services to the public:

  • Annual issuance and renewal of company licences in smart systems
  • Issuance of letters related to Civil Defence
  • Issuance of licences from Civil Defence and PRO cards



The Dubai Health Authority comprises medical professionals who have the necessary skills to provide medical  services to the citizens and residents of Dubai. They are also the ones fit to provide medical fitness certifications to people who are applying for their residency and work permits in Dubai.  



The ICA offers public services related to providing legal identity requirements for individuals and government authorities in Dubai. The Al-Twar Centre provides services for new emirate ID applications and the application for the renewal of the emirate ID.  



The Dubai Economy at the Al-Twar Centre gives commercial licence permits. There is also a department where the residents can find an easier way to settle their fines and penalties. Customers or clients can also access expert opinion on commercial laws in Dubai. Services range from:

  • Renewal and issuance of initial approvals, which are necessary for completing processes in other government departments
  • Amendments and licencing
  • Renewal and reservation of trade names
  • Issuance for Commercial Permits



Every tenancy contract in Dubai is regulated by the EJARI. The other services offered by EJARI at Al-Twar centre include:


  • Attestation of lease contracts (Ejari)
  • Registration of rental dispute cases
  • Cancellation of lease contracts
  • Issuance of plans relating to lands, units, or buildings/services
  • Valuation of property
  • Amendments to Ownership Data
  • Issuances of ownership certificates

Al-Twar Centre is also a prime location where you can get access to many others, especially a lot of business consultants near Al-Twar Centre from whom you can take advice concerning your entrepreneurial ventures. 

Address of the Al Twar Centre

The location of the Al Twar Centre is on Al Nahda Road, next to Al Qusais Metro Station, Dubai, in the Al Twar Area. 

The contact number will be +971-4-283-8800 | 800-900 

Email : [email protected]

For entering the building, there are no set fees. But relevant charges for the services availed are applicable. While visiting the Al Twar Centre, visitors are advised to dress modestly. 

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