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A Simple Guide to the Steam Platform for New Online Gamers

by Gaurav Singh
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Steam Wallet India – Steam is a gaming platform, as you all already know.

However, in today’s quick and detailed guide, we’ll cover all the details of Steam, if you are thinking about playing online on Steam and are uncertain where to start and how to play.

Steam Navigations

First of all, let’s understand all the navigation of the Steam platform on different devices.

When you launch your Steam app on PC, you’ll see four main options on the top, namely: Store, Library, Community, and your profile name.

  • On the Store menu, you’ll find all the games that are available to buy or are free-to-play.
  • On the Library menu, all of your installed games will be available to play.
  • The Community menu shows details of your Steam friend list, Game Hubs, discussions from the Steam community, a market to buy custom characters and themes made by Steam users, etc.
  • The profile name will be set to whatever you write at the time of creating your account. There, you’ll find options to add links to other social accounts, your wishlist, games, reviews, profile level, etc.

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How to Install Games

Installing any game on Steam is simple. You just have to visit the Store menu on the top left corner of Steam and find the game you want to play.

If you don’t want the games from the Featured list and paid games, then click on the GAMES tab and select “Free to Play.” After selecting the game, check for PC requirements before downloading the game. If you download before checking, the game may crash or fail to load.

However, if you’re buying a paid game, click on the PURCHASE FOR MYSELF option. The other “PURCHASE AS A GIFT” option is for those who want to gift the game to another player from their friends list.

Now, when you open the “LIBRARY” menu from the top, you’ll see the game you just downloaded. Double click on it and start playing.

Apps by Steam

So, after you’ve learned about how to start playing on Steam, let’s check how many apps Steam offers and what they are used for.


The Steam app is available for download on Android and iOS devices and is basically designed for connecting with the Steam community. You can chat with your Steam friends, read the news, and check community discussions easily.

Steam Link

The Steam Link app is used to play Steam games, and it supports both Android and iOS devices. However, you cannot directly start playing games from your Steam library in this app.

To play Steam games on mobile devices, you need to connect your PC to mobile using Bluetooth or a Steam Controller and then play. Get steam wallet india now!

Purchase Options on Steam

Steam accepts net banking, UPIs such as PayPal, credit or debit cards, and wallet codes to fill the wallet with Steam currency.

What is a Wallet?

Steam provides a prepaid wallet option to its users who want a quick and easy shopping experience. For example, if you don’t want to use your bank cards every time. You purchase something on Steam, you can pre-load your wallet with credit cards or wallet codes.

steam wallet code are a great way to have a fast and secure method to purchase anything on Steam. You just need to buy a Steam voucher and redeem it.

Final Thoughts

Steam is easy to navigate and offers a wide variety of games for all ages above 13. Moreover, it is a great way to make extra cash as a game developer or 3D artist. It not only offers entertainment to players but also works as a safety net for many game developers’ careers.

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