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A Narcissistic Relationship Pattern: Know How To Avoid It

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Narcissistic Relationship

What Is A Narcissistic Relationship Pattern?

A narcissistic person keeps people close to them to fill their narcissistic supply. This supply is essentially the need for attention and approval. Narcissists will continue to increase their behaviors as their supply gets depleted. They will then move on to another partner to satisfy their need.

Once a narcissist begins to feel threatened, they will revert to their love bombing stage. They will continue to express affection but will use phrases like “you’re insecure” to chip away at your self-confidence. If you’re trying to form a relationship, a narcissist will use bad times to make you feel insecure and make you feel less valuable.

Narcissistic partners often resemble their primary figures from childhood. These unresolved childhood needs may follow them into adulthood. Narcissistic partners seek familiar challenges and coerce you into submission. If you want to make a relationship work, understand your expectations from the beginning. Changing your perspective will help you and your partner stay connected. So, what is a narcissistic relationship pattern?

 Signs Of A Narcissistic Relationship Pattern

If you notice that your partner is putting you down a lot, you may be a victim of a narcissistic person. Narcissists will manipulate your emotions so that you feel bad for them. They’ll make you feel sorry for yourself because they think you’ll let them down. Narcissists also lie and use other people’s shame to control them. It’s not easy to tell when a narcissist is trying to manipulate you. But there are several signs that you may be dating a narcissist.


The first warning sign of a narcissistic relationship pattern is devaluation. A narcissist tries to make their partner feel inadequate. They often isolate their victims from other people, even from their

social groups. They often try to hide their true nature by denying their flaws and making them believe that they are perfect. Once they believe this false image of themselves, they try to pull their victims away.

Controlling And Dominating

When a narcissist begins to feel threatened, they become controlling and dominating. If the situation becomes too difficult, they’ll go back to their love-bombing phase. This lasts until they’re emotionally attached and the situation becomes unmanageable. If you notice any of these signs, you may need to end your relationship now. This dangerous cycle is not something to take lightly.

Would Make You Uncomfortable

Despite your efforts to stop this cycle, they will always return for more. They will try to reel you back in by making demands that won’t make their victim feel uncomfortable. The punishment escalates if the demands are too bold. They may even disappear for long periods. If you try to resist the narcissist, the punishments will become more severe. You might also notice that your partner’s narcissistic behavior involves physical abuse.

Would Deprive You Of Your Emotions

Narcissists often tend to deprive their victims of their emotions. They will often play the role of a perfect boyfriend or girlfriend in public but neglect you in private. Their lack of emotional support will make you feel miserable, but you’ll get over it eventually. It takes time for a narcissist to get over his or her hurt feelings, so it’s important to seek help.

They Don’t Talk About Their Feelings

One of the most obvious signs of a narcissist is their refusal to talk about their inner feelings. They may appear bored or even tune out when you talk about their feelings. They may also be too busy focusing on themselves to be in touch with their feelings. If these behaviors seem familiar to you, your narcissist is likely a narcissist.


How Can A Narcissistic Relationship Pattern Impact Your Relationship?


Blame Games

If your partner has this pattern of narcissistic behavior, you are probably wondering: How can this affect your relationship? There are a few signs that you may be in the hands of a narcissist. For starters, you might feel unappreciated. You may even feel teased or mean comments. Your partner may also blame you for everything, from your inability to do their bidding to their refusal to listen.

No Changes

Another symptom of this pattern is that narcissists are afraid to change. They often deny things they’ve said and rewrite history. They are unaware of their effects and are prone to making crazy-making distortions. You should try to avoid confrontation with a narcissist by showing empathy, stating your needs, and stating your point of view.

You Will Fall Prey To An Abuser

If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a narcissist, you’ll know what this pattern is like. The person will present themselves as the perfect partner and intoxicate you with their attention and charm. After the honeymoon phase, the relationship will become abusive. They’ll also insist on you being the center of their universe. The narcissist will also pressure you to make a commitment and spend all of your time together. These are also some early signs of a toxic marriage

They Will Make You Sad And Unappreciated

Narcissists also alienate their support systems, leaving you feeling alone and unable to express yourself. If you’re in a narcissist’s relationship, you may be feeling sad and unappreciated for a while. But the good news is that these feelings will fade as time goes on. Your partner will be left in the dark. 

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Narcissists do not seek true love in a relationship. Their partner is not their primary focus; rather, they view it as a means to fuel their ego. As a result, a narcissist rejects the relationship he or she is in and discards it in favor of a new one. Although this can be a good thing at first, it can become toxic very quickly.



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