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A Guide for Adventure Seekers in 2022: Bhrigu Lake Trek

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Route for the trek

The Bhrigu Lake Trek begins in Gulaba, which is 22 kilometers from Manali by car. Gulaba is a location on the route to Rohtang Pass. The walk begins at Gulaba and passes through Rola Kholi. Following that, There is a challenging uphill climb to Bhrigu and back. It takes roughly 7-8 hours and 14 miles to hike from Rola to Bhrigu Lake and then to Pandu Ropa. 

From Manali, you must take a car to Gulaba, where you must hike to reach Rola Kholi. Gulaba (2600) to Rola Kholi from Manali (2050 m) is 3810 m. It is a 7-mile hike that takes about 4-5 hours.

Best time for the Trek

The trek starts in Manali and is around 11 kilometers long. The hike may terminate in Vashist or Manali. From mid-May to mid-October, you can start your journey to the Bhrigu Lake Trek. Since the rainy season falls between June and August, these are the finest months to embark on a hike. Landslides could occur at night. The summertime temperature ranges from 20 to 25 degrees during the day to 5 to 7 degrees at night. The trek begins in Manali and is around 11 kilometers long. The hike might terminate in Vashist or Manali.

If you plan to hike the Bhrigu Lake Trail in December, daytime temperatures range from 10 to 15 degrees, while nighttime lows get significantly lower. Even 0 degrees are possible at night. The lake is frozen for almost 6 months. Enjoy the view of the snow and the lake as the sun shines. Even when they leave early in the summer, travelers might still enjoy seeing snow.

Even for experienced trekkers, winter trekking in the Himalayas can be intimidating. When traveling in December, the winter trek to Bhrigu Lake is completed. The area is completely covered with thick snow, and it can be as cold as minus 10 degrees Celsius. 


The walk to Bhrigu Lake is reasonably priced. You can set away roughly 6000–7000 per individual if you decide to do so. When you make a reservation with a tour operator, they offer a full package that includes food for the duration of the journey. The management of this lodging in the tents is done on a triple, double, or even single sharing basis.

The price of this expedition also includes any fees and permits that are required. You can also ask for a surface transfer as per the package. As a result, the total cost of preparation for the Bhrigu Lake Trip includes the qualified guides who are seasoned trek leaders as well as support staff. 

General Itinerary

Day 1: You must finish the registration process before beginning the 4-day trek from Manali. You can leave every bag at the camp that you reserved. You must have access to some acclimatization-enhancing activities at your camp. Never begin your journey as soon as you arrive in Manali. You can just take pleasure in the activities that your camp has planned. You can go for about 1.5 hours to the Jogni Waterfalls. You can return in the evening to unwind and get ready for the following day. 

Day 2: You can either climb to the base camping or take a drive from Manali to Base Village. The trek representative will pick you up and drive you to the base settlement. You have to, then, hike from your campground to the base camp from here. This is a somewhat difficult ascent that takes 3–4 hours to complete. The base campsite is fantastic, and you can see Solang Valley from there. After that, you’ll spend the night at the campsite in tents. 

Day 3: Bhrigu Lake Trek is approximately 11 kilometers long, and lasts for roughly 9 hours. Therefore, it is best to start with breakfast. You could always bring a lunch and eat it in between. The journey will take about 3 to 4 hours one way. Once you arrive at the lake spot, you can simply enjoy the scenery and take numerous pictures.

After savoring the scenery and taking pictures, you can begin your descent. Again, the trip down to the base camp will take about 3–4 hours. You can rest in your respective tents after you get to the camp. Dinner and a bonfire can be enjoyed at night.

Day 4: You must begin your ascent to the base settlement and depart from your tents. This is where the tour ends. 

Equipment for the Trek

There is a list of things you must always bring with you when you go on a journey. Therefore, this list is for treks rather than only the Bhrigu Lake trek. When you pack for your adventure, you really must include these.

  • You require a backpack with an integrated rain cover if you are expected to bring the trekking equipment. After that, always carry a daypack with a headlamp and additional batteries.
  • You must wear the correct footwear for trekking. You must put on non-slip, high-ankle trekking shoes. They are essential because shoes shouldn’t create blisters. 
  • Wear comfy attire or quick-drying t-shirts. For trekking, you can put on full-sleeve shirts or sweaters.
  • Your skin quickly becomes dry when you are high up a mountain. Since sunscreen lotions prevent your skin from drying out, there are many standards for them. You should think about carrying a face moisturizer and lip balm as well.
  • Always have glucose powder on hand because it provides quick energy. Additionally, carryable items like chocolate bars or nuts. Bring no suitcases with you when you go on the trek.

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