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A glimpse into concentric butterfly valves & their benefits

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Concentric Butterfly Valve

A well-maintained water supply system has always been an important part of our earliest civilizations. Like anything else, the processes and techniques to supply water have also become much more convenient and easy. Butterfly valves are one of those vital components. Usage of these valves has not been restricted only to water supply though, they have been offering benefits in several other applications too. One of the most used butterfly valves is the concentric butterfly valve. Continue reading this post to explore a lot more about concentric butterfly valves.


Understand about butterfly valves


To know about concentric butterfly valves we must gain knowledge about butterfly valves first. Butterfly valves are the devices which help in regulating and controlling the fluid flow by opening, closing or partly cutting off pathways. Butterfly valves are ideal to regulate and isolate the fluid flow in the pipes through rotation of the disc. The working principle of butterfly valves is the same as ball valves except excluding that butterfly valves are light in weight and much less costly. The disc of these valves rotates a quarter turn when the valves are closed or opened. Two types of butterfly valves are used majorly in several applications throughout the world. Their function is the same but the main difference lies in the valves’ design

a) Concentric butterfly valves

b) Eccentric butterfly valves


What are concentric butterfly valves?


Concentric butterfly valve are considered to be the most common type of design of butterfly valves. While talking about this design, the stem of the valve passes via the centre line of the valve’s disc. Concentric butterfly valves are called zero-offset valves. These valves use the fluid flow control mechanism which uses the rotary disc for controlling the specific medium’s flow in a system. The disc of concentric butterfly valves stays at the passage but is extremely thin and offers little resistance to fluid flow. Concentric butterfly valves have numerous advantages to look for as compared to other types of valves like – simple & economic construction, consisting of fewer parts, easy to maintain as well as operate. The body design is like a wafer and the feature of lightweight lessens much cost along with installation costs, pipe supports, usage of other equipment, labour time, setup time etc. The configuration of no offset of concentric butterfly valves is called – resilient-seated valves because that relies on the flexibility of the rubber seat when the fluid flow gets closed. Concentric butterfly valves are also ideal for low-pressure applications.


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What is the classification of concentric butterfly valves by connection types?


On the basis of connection, there are four different types of concentric butterfly valves.


  1. Wafer-type butterfly valves


Wafer-type butterfly valves are constructed for keeping the tight sealing and offer protection against the bi-directional difference in pressure to avoid any kind of fluid backflow in the equipment which is designed for single directional flow.


  1. Lug-type concentric butterfly valves


This type of butterfly valve is identical to three-piece ball valves where you can replace an end of the pipeline without affecting another side of lug-type valves.


  1. Flanged end type butterfly valves


Flanged end type concentric butterfly valves consist of a flange which is present at both ends of the valves to stay attached to the pipe flanges.


  1. Welded end type butterfly valves


These valves are used where the particular system is of high pressure.


What are the advantages of installing concentric butterfly valves?


These are the most looked for advantages which concentric butterfly valves offer to users:


  1. The channels of the valves are designed as the full-diameter structure. It guarantees the fluid flow area of the butterfly valves and lessens the fluid flow resistance while the fluid passes via valves.


  1. The elastic force which is created is used as one of the important sealing specific pressures to guarantee the valves’ good sealing performance.


  1. The discs of concentric butterfly valve are disc-shaped. It not only guarantees users the intensity of stress at the disc’s centre but also helps in ensuring that these valves can get a huge flow coefficient & less fluid resistance coefficient.




All in all, you must have understood everything about concentric butterfly valves. The sealing features of concentric butterfly valves are simple. Before selecting the concentric butterfly valves, go through the advantages and disadvantages along with applications that suit for. Get in touch with one of the best suppliers of butterfly valve in the UAE.


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