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8 Professional Cleaning Tips and Tricks That Save Time

Cleaning Tips

by maggie.holmes1992
cleaning tips

We all know that cleaning can take up all of your free time, but it doesn’t have to be like that. If you want to save time on cleaning here are the best 8 professional tips and tricks that will change your life.

Sweep Floors Daily

A lot of people think that old houses need professional interior designers. They don’t realise that by sweeping the floors on a daily basis you will drastically cut down on the mopping time. Make sure that you are getting all the spills, crumbs, and dirt so you can save time while mopping. Tough old stains take a lot of effort and time to clean up, so prevent them by sweeping the floors on a daily basis.

Always Dust Before Vacuum Cleaning

What a lot of professionals will tell you is to always dust before vacuuming. Always begin the cleaning process by starting from the top such as your vents, ceiling fans, and fixtures and make your way down to furniture and then the floors. This will save you so much time as all the debris that is falling down while cleaning will be on the floor, which you are cleaning last. If you are vacuuming before dusting you will have to vacuum again after you dust things that are above it. Also, make sure that you are using a good duster and a microfiber cloth to ensure all the dust is gone.

Multitasking in the Kitchen Pays Off

Another thing that not a lot of people tend to do is clean up as they go. We all know that there is nothing messier than the kitchen, especially if you have a larger family. There will always be things that can be cleaned up. That is why you need to ensure that you are doing everything to keep your kitchen clean as well as germ-free at most times. The thing that will save you a lot of time is daily washing your dishes after having the meal. Instead of waiting until dishes can’t fit into the sink anymore, wash them after you finish eating or while you are waiting for something to finish cooking. It will not only save you tons of time, but it will also keep your kitchen germ-free.

Use Appropriate Cleaning Tools

One of the best things that you can do is to invest in good tools and cleaning products. Having all the right things will not only help you do your cleaning faster, but you will do a tougher job. But for instance, if you are in the need of deep cleaning a carpet, instead of going out and buying a whole machine, hire professional carpet cleaning from Newcastle or your local professionals. Sometimes hiring professionals will save you the most time, and there is no shame in it. A professional cleaner will come with all the right tools that will deep clean whatever needs to be cleaned.

Clean Up your Shower After Each Use

Just like cleaning up the dishes right after you have eaten, cleaning your shower and bathroom after using them will save you a lot of time. That is mainly because that way you will be preventing any build-up of mildew or mould from forming in the bathroom. Wipe off the shower after using it as well as clean the drains from any hair to avoid clogs. It is much easier to wipe things right away than having to scrub down the calcium stains, rust or even mould and mildew. You can also do the same with sinks as well as bathroom mirrors. After you have washed your hands or brushed your teeth, make sure that you are leaving the sink and mirror clean. This will prevent any build-up from forming and then take hours to clean.

Keep your Cleaning Supplies in Apron

One of the best hacks any professional will tell you is to carry all the cleaning products you need on you while cleaning. You can keep them in an apron or if you don’t have one you can carry them in a bucket. But make sure it is not too heavy as it will only slow you down. Keep the necessary things such as a cloth, spray bottle and a duster. Not having to run back and forth will save you more time than you think.

Clean Windows with a Squeegee

The biggest mistake people are making when they are cleaning windows is using newspapers or paper towels instead of simply using a squeegee. Using a squeegee along with a good glass cleaner will ensure that your window is nice and shiny. This is the only thing that will give you a streak free window in just a couple of minutes.

Start Using the Magic Erasers

If you haven’t heard about the magic eraser, you are missing out. Possibly the best hack that you can take to learn anything from your floor to the ceiling. They can be used on things like wood, tile, laminate, shoes and even walls and they will get rid of even the toughest stains. Using something as small as the magic eraser will cut down your cleaning time in half.

As you can see, there are many different little hacks that will drastically drop your cleaning time. Most professionals will tell you that if you take those tips and use them, cleaning your home won’t take up the whole day.

Reduce Clutter

Anytime you clean or reorganise your desks, kitchen, or bedrooms, or living rooms try to remove the obvious first, like the biggest messes. This removes the temptation of just cleaning these items or picking them up and immediately placing them back down on a wet surface.

Bring A Toothbrush for Cleaning

Your old toothbrush could be one of the best cleaning tools you have. Every appliance has a small, hard-to-reach spot and your toothbrush is perfect for it. We all know that a cloth or sponge or other cleaning instrument cannot reach little areas we need to get clean, so a toothbrush is a handy and inexpensive cleaning tool.


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