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5 Putting Fundamentals Improved By Putting Aids

Putting Aids

by Golf Lounge
Putting aids

Putting aids are very prevalent in the golf world today. All types of players from tour players to beginners use all different types of putting aids which include elaborate contraptions to homemade putting devices. Putting training aids are used to improve a player’s putting stroke and improve the role of the golf ball on the target line.

Here are some putting fundamentals that putting aids can help you with to improve your game:

1. Eyes over the ball – Yes you can drop a golf ball from the bridge of your nose to check this or you can use a putting mirror. Most of the putting mirrors on the market also have other lines on the mirror so you can also check the alignment of your shoulders. With these lines, you can ensure that you are at the correct distance from the golf ball and ensure that you are aligning yourself on the correct target line.

2. Start the ball on the correct line – Direction is one of the two most important parts of a putt. Direction is most important when we get down to the three and four-footers and something is on the line. Obviously, all of us can stroke a putt that travels three of four feet so distance is not a challenge. The use of putting aids referred to as putting pegs allow you to work solely in the direction that you are starting your putts. Putting pegs are pegs anchored into the ground and have a string that runs above the ground between the two pegs. Sometimes they are made with pencils and string or you can purchase pre-made pegs. This will allow you to make your stroke and follow the golf ball under the string. You will have automatic feedback.

Putting aids

3. Straight back and straight through stroke – One of the two popular putting theories was developed by Dave Pelz. The straight back and straight through theory also known as the Pelz theory is moving the putter head in a straight back and straight through motion. There are many manufacturers that offer to put aids to give you the sensation of the proper movement. The more bent over that you are when you address the putt, the more likely you are to use the straight back and straight through putting method.

4. Putting arc stroke – The other popular putting theory was developed by Stan Utley. With his theory, the putter travels in an arc around your spine. Again, many manufacturers offer different putting aids to allow you to feel the correct sensation. Many times the decision of which theory you use is determined by how you set up the golf ball when you put it. The more upright when you address the putt, the more likely you are to use the arc putting theory.

5. Flat left wrist or bent right wrist at impact – Many players struggle with hitting solid putts due to breaking down of the left wrist during the impact position. This does not allow you to hit the golf ball in the same place on the putter’s face consistently. This leads to struggles with distance control and direction control because you never hit the same place on the putter’s face two times in a row. Some putting training aids will keep your wrists in the proper position for impact.

As you can see, no matter the struggle that you have with your putting stroke, there are various putting aids available to help you improve your stroke.

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