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5 Myths About Studying in Canada

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5 Myths About Studying In Canada

Studying at a Canadian university is a dream that many foreign students see. However, there are  many myths about Canada that stop them from manifesting their dream into reality. Keeping this in mind, today we are going to debunk five myths about studying in Canada.

Toronto and Vancouver Are the Only Best Places for Studying in the Country

Indeed, Toronto and Vancouver are the best places for pursuing higher studies in the country. But they are not the only places where you can get phenomenal education in the country. You can also go to cities like Montreal and Ottawa for your education. The universities of these cities rank high in QS rankings. Moreover, the tuition fees at the universities are also very low. Apart from these two cities, you can also check out cities like Halifax, Manitoba, Victoria, etc. These cities also have the same qualities as Montreal and Ottawa. So, make sure you also check out these cities rather than being rigid to study in Toronto and Vancouver only. To learn about Montreal and Ottawa in detail feel free to contact our best Canada education consultants in India.

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It’s Difficult to Get a Canadian Student Permit

It is a very big myth that’s very famous among students. Many students believe it’s next to impossible to get a Canadian student visa/permit. But there is no truth in this and getting a visa to the country is not that difficult. Moreover, it’s easier to get a Canadian visa than to get a visa in the UK/US. However, to qualify for the visa you must meet certain requirements. For instance, you must have a good academic record and enough money to cover your one-year tuition fee. In short, you can easily get a visa to Canada with the right planning and guidance.

The Country Does Not Provide Affordable Education

Studying overseas in any country is very expensive. However, in comparison to other nations education is more affordable in Canada. Moreover, there is also no big difference between the quality of education in Canada and these countries. On average you will need around $20,000 PA to study in a Canadian educational institution. Apart from this, you will need around $8100 and $8900 for paying visa fees/living expenses in Canada. However, if we talk about the US then you will need around $36,000 PA to study a UG program in the US. In short, studying at a Canadian university is cheaper than studying at an American university.

Some Universities/Colleges Are Better Than the Other

The higher education system of Canada is very unique in comparison to other nations. Moreover, all the Canadian universities get their funds from the government and the public. Thus, they need to maintain high standards and provide quality education to students. In simple words, no matter which university you select for studying you will get the same quality of education. Yes, you may find some differences in their way of teaching. But overall, you will get the same quality of education in all Canadian universities.

It’s Tough to Get a Part-Time Job in the Country

Many students believe it’s very difficult to find part-time work in Canada. However, this is not true and you can easily find part-time jobs in the nation. But to apply for a part-time job in the country you must get a valid student visa. Once you get the visa you are qualified to work in the nation for 40 hours each week. To learn about the best ways to find part-time jobs in the nation feel free to contact our Canada study visa consultants in Noida.

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There you have it, five myths about studying in Canada. But as we discussed above there is no truth in these myths. So, don’t let these myths stop you from fulfilling your dream of studying at a Canadian university/college. By studying at a Canadian university, you can easily make yourself highly employable.

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