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5 Killer Tips For Starting a YouTube Gaming Channel

by SierraPowell

The increase in influencer marketing has led to content creators taking over social media platforms. One such platform known for making gaming channels is none other than YouTube. However, opening a YouTube gaming channel is not always a walk in the park. This is because of the stiff competition in this niche. Moreover, there are several hundreds of mini channels to compete with. This makes it even more difficult for one to go viral, let alone the idea of standing out.

All you need are some killer tips to fit into the competitive world. Check out this post to understand the five killer tips for starting a YouTube channel playing online games. Take a look.

1. Get the Right Equipment for your Gaming Channel

What type of equipment do you think will cater to your gaming needs? to be honest, a few will do the trick. Equipment you can invest in includes:


Quality videos and images are appealing to the eye and can attract more people than you could ever imagine. Examples of digital cameras you can use include webcam, DSLR, or mirrorless cameras. 

Microphone for YouTube Videos

Adding voice to a video while playing the game is a top priority for most gamers. Consider investing in quality audio to gain the interest of viewers to follow the action. 

Editing Tools 

Shooting your content is only half the battle. You’re going to need video editing tools such as editing software and a background remover to help increase the quality of your videos. Other equipment to invest in include screen recording software and lighting for your YouTube gaming channel.

2. Join the Gaming Community to Find YouTube Video Ideas

A better way to start a YouTube gaming channel is none other than joining the company of other gamers. This can be a success-contributing factor because such gamers have more experience in this industry. Moreover, show interest by paying keen attention to what they’ll have to say. Some of the things you’ll discover include:

  • Questions newcomers have about the game. Some newcomers may have burning questions to ask about the game. You can do video tutorials to answer those questions.
  • The aspect of the game people is excited about.
  • Updates coming from the game.

3. Make your Video Introduction Brief

Low audience retention and views transmit a negative algorithm to YouTube. This means that your videos should and will not be recommended over someone else’s. However, to avoid such an instance from happening, all you need to do is create an engaging and strong video introduction for each video you record. Furthermore, a title for the video makes a promise to your viewers and the potential ones. Don’t beat around the bush.

4. Experiment with YouTube Shorts

Short but sweet as the saying goes; basically, shorts are the top priority for the gaming community. That’s not all. They are also considered by individuals watching YouTube on their phones. Shorts are preferred because:

  • They are suitable for making brief explainers and videos. The intent is not to have anything long because long videos may be boring and drive away viewers.
  • Shorts are perfect for capturing the riotous moments in a game such as unexpected hiccups.

To be fooled to have long introductions. Most gaming channels grow with shorts. You can consider filming tutorials during your free time.

5. Research Topic

It is often wise to research topics before commencing video creation. Engage yourself in title suggestions through brainstorming. In the beginning, this might seem strange but trust yourself. You’ll also realize the keywords that are popular for that specific topic.

A better way to get suitable topics is by looking at what other gamers posted. A few ways to discover keywords for your channel include:

  • Find the latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords associated with your video.
  • Look for trending keywords.
  • Get guidance from a YouTube keyword analysis tool.

Other than the killer tips above, other helpful tips to starting a YouTube gaming channel include uploading weekly gaming videos and focusing on content that your target audience is interested in.

Take Away

Starting a gaming channel is not difficult as you may think. So long as you have the right equipment and tools to carry out the task. It is also good to keep in mind that a good gaming channel must have frequent uploads, catchy names, a strong focus, popular keywords, and eye-catchy titles and thumbnails. Now go and create some content!


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