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5 incredible Useful Tips to Increase traffic to your wordpress Website

by ethanrichardson
custom wordpress development

If you want to expand traffic to your site. The more traffic your site gets, the more money you make and the closer you are to that coveted Four Hour Workweek lifestyle. custom wordpress development explores very the best outcomes.

If you’re constantly on the road to increasing traffic to your site. The more traffic your site gets, the more money you make and the closer you are to the coveted lifestyle of four hours of work weeks.

But getting traffic is not easy. People are there, but finding them and eventually bringing them to your site is something else. It takes a lot of trial and error to achieve a winning formula. 

I have found some winning patterns in my time and I want to share them with you in this post. Each of the following tips is tried and tested and is guaranteed to increase traffic to your Wordpress Development Services site.


Split Test your heads to increase traffic

If you’ve been blogging for a long time, you’ll know all about the importance of headlines. The same message can be a complete flop or it can only spread virally in the header.

Given this, one of the most effective things you can do to increase traffic to your site is to split the test of your titles. This can be easily done using the Title Split Testing feature for the WordPress plugin. Permits you to create two or more headers for each post or page you write, and then randomly present them to visitors and measure your clickthrough rate. 

After a few clicks, you can decide which title is the most successful and complete the split test. Its benefits are immediate, but even better, if you notice trends, you can create better captions for your readers in the future.

 Interlinking Your Pages

There are some things more important to enhancing blog engagement than linking between your posts. Many visitors to your site will initially be blind to your navigation, and you will find that the only way to force them to explore your site further is to include links to relevant posts directly into your content. Custom Wordpress Development Services explore the best service for best site devlopment.

I recommend that you include as numerous relevant links to related posts on your blog as possible when creating blog posts.

Therefore, I suggest that you include as numerous relevant links as possible in your blog posts when creating blog posts. However, with standard WordPress search, it’s not always easy.

 Feature of WordPress searches for your chosen keyword anywhere in all your posts and pages and returns results in chronological order, Better Internal Link Search only considers post titles and pages.

Create amazing visuals

With design tools like Canva, you can illustrate concepts, visualize data, and redesign your branding cards. If other sites use your images, they will link back to your site. In addition, Google displays more images in regular search results, giving you more ranking opportunities and making your result more appealing. Accept help wordpress service provider.

Enhance the speed of your site

Are you waiting thirty seconds for the site to load? The user can’t wait. If your site takes a long time to load, your bounce rate may be dizzying. Speed ​​has always been a factor in rankings, but now even more so with the updating of the web environment.

Create your site as technically strong as possible. Likes add compressed images, page structure, and third-party plug-in functionality. Your site loads fastly and very better.

Make your site responsive

In today’s world, more traffic ensues on mobile devices than desktops, so if you push your visitors and browse your site, you expose them to go someplace. Even if you have a basic website, you need to make sure that it is accessible and convenient to browse on a variety of devices, including small smartphones.


That are all tips for Increase traffic to your wordpress Website. If you want to create a new website or modify your old website, then contact 8therate. It provides Custom Web Application Development.

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