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5 Fun Brain Games to Test Your Dog’s Intelligence

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You are always looking for ways to improve your dog’s intelligence and curiosity. Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years, which suggest that they may have a higher IQ than pets that haven’t been domesticated. From an evolutionary perspective, dogs are extremely social animals that live in groups, which require them to be very intelligent. Their intelligence evolutionarily speaking is similar to ours because it’s critical to survival. Dog training in Delhi is not only about teaching your pet tricks or obedience but also about teaching them how to behave well in society. If you have trained your dog well, then you can take it out for walks and play with it when you are out on an errand.

Here are some fun brain games to test your dog’s intelligence.Here are some fun brain games to test your dog’s intelligence.1.       Hide and Go Seek

Here are some fun brain games to test your dog’s intelligence.1.       Hide and Go SeekIt’s a simple game that uses the same concept as hiding and seeking, except you have to hide your dog. This can be done by hiding him in a box or any other container that will hold him. The person hiding has to find their dog without letting the other person see them, so they have to be very careful. The person who finds the dog first wins, but if no one finds their pet within 10 minutes then it’s a tie! This is a great game for older dogs, as well as puppies because it requires them to be very smart about where they go so they do not get caught by their owner.

2.  Toy Pick-Up Game

Toy Pick-Up Game

Dogs love to play with toys. This is a great way to keep your dog engaged and entertained while you’re busy. However, there are times when your dog will take his toy and hide it somewhere in the house. Or maybe you find that he has hidden your favorite toy in one of his favorite hiding places.
It can be frustrating when you want your dog to give you back his toy but he refuses and just keeps playing with it. You know he’s hiding it somewhere, but where?
You might try hiding the toy yourself, but this method isn’t always reliable. You may have an idea where it is, but you need to make sure that your dog cannot access it without leaving tracks on the floor or walls. Dog training in Mumbai will train your dog perfectly so that they can play with your this mind game.

3.  Red Light Green Light

This simple game tests your dog’s ability to follow directions and pay attention to detail. You will need a small, safe treat that your dog should be able to eat in one bite. Say “stay” as you turn off the light, then turn it back on again and say “go” as you turn it off once more. Repeat this process until your dog has learned how to follow directions without getting distracted by an unexpected change in colour or shape while they are following your commands.

4.  The Shell Game

It involves two players, one who holds a shell and the other who holds a toy. The player with the shell must hide their hand behind their back while holding it up for everyone to see. Then, they have to quickly put their hand behind their back again and try to get away with it. The person who guesses which hand is holding the shell wins!

5.  Agility

Agility is a fun activity for dogs and their owners. It’s a sport that requires the dog to move through an obstacle course in a timed sequence. The agility course can be as simple or complex as you want it to be, but it’s always fun for both the dog and its owner. Your dog will enjoy the challenge of moving through each obstacle while you cheer them on from behind.

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