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5 Best Printing Methods With Pros & Cons You Need To Know

5 Best Printing Methods With Pros & Cons You Need To Know

by Zdgitizing
embroidery vs heat press

Getting into the company are often tough. There area unit several printing ways, and that one suits you the simplest ought to be determined since the start of setup in embroidery vs heat press.

In this article, we’ll discuss the five Best kinds of printing ways services.

Printing Business

If you’re thinking of beginning a company or if you would like to expand your custom attire business into printing, then you’re at the correct place, allow us to walk you thru five of the simplest printing ways which will certainly enhance the productivity of your business in online embroidery digitizing services.

  1. DTG Printing ways:

DTG is one in every of the illustrious ways of printing that is additionally called direct Garment printing. this is often a printing technique within which you directly print on the garment like jacket, t-shirts, etc. however so as to hold out DTG printing, you want to possess DTG printer pretreatment liquid and a heat press .

DTG Printing ways

DTG Printing Methods

DTG Printer

You can take the DTG printer because the ink jet printer, however the distinction is it drops special garment ink instead of the paper ink. Before you begin creating use of a DTG printer, you want to pretreat the garment that you would like to be written, so you load it into the material.

After you load it, the look are often written on the garment, when the look is written subsequent step is cure, you preserve the look so ink will dry.

Preserving the look is a very important step so the look will adhere to cloth in a very correct manner, which is wherever the heating press comes into play. so as to stay it safe from many washes and weakening, you utilize a heat press.


If you would like to supply premium quality photorealistic styles then DTG is kind of sensible for you, conjointly in DTG you’ll be able to produce customizable styles.

If you’re possible to handle bulk work then DTG would be quite appropriate for you, it’s quicker and easier. If you would like to shift between styles, you simply ought to modification the look on the printer which is concerning it.

DTG permits you to remain beneath your budget and still manufacture great quantity styles. Also, you are doing not ought to worry concerning the ultimate quality of the embroidery styles.

It is pretty fascinating and you’ll be able to believe it, conjointly the method of planning is sensible and doesn’t leave you mess behind.


Just like each different factor there area unit some cons that you just would possibly need to contemplate. With a DTG printer you want to pretreat the garment for the higher results. And worth is another issue that makes unessential fluctuations.

Cost of the ink depends upon the colour, size and conjointly complexness becomes a reason, it’d price you $0.50 to $6 or $7, however since your styles area unit of premium quality, you’ll be able to charge higher too.

  1. Screen Printing ways:

Screen printing is another illustrious technique of printing on cloth, this is often a really previous technique and conjointly you would possibly realize it a bit strenuous than different printing ways. and also the reason is you have got to push the ink on the material employing a stencil.

In screen printing, you have got a screen for your style that’s the stencil, so you simply place it on your cloth and push the ink through it.

Screen Printing ways

Screen Printing Methods


If you would like to figure beneath your budget then screen printing would be quite efficient for you. Also, if you would like to figure on bulk order like forty, fifty shirts of constant style, then you simply would like a stencil that you just will place over your cloth and pass the ink through it.

Also, if you would like to figure on totally different components of your cloth then you’ll be able to get the picture done via screen printing. Not solely you’ll be able to print on cloth however conjointly on any material, which is that the fantastic thing about screen printing.  Furthermore; screen printing is of top quality, thus if you are doing it properly it tends to last for a really while.

Another factor that you just would possibly need to contemplate is that you just need an oversized house to line up your screen machine, and it can even get untidy, since applying ink is necessary and you’ll confront it oft.

Another factor that turns you down is that it’s appropriate for light-hued clothes, ideally white, and this conjointly limits North American nation.

  1. Vinyl Printing Methods:

Vinyl printing features a vital impact within the printing trade, vinyl printing comes into play once you cut out your vinyl style so transfer it onto cloth.

In order to hold out vinyl printing you utilize your processed cutter and connect it to the pc to chop out the look on vinyl. when printing the look you weed it.


There area unit execs and cons to each quite printing ways, and having cons doesn’t mean that you just cannot use that technique, in fact, what’s a con for others may well be a professional for you, thus study the ways and opt for what suits you the simplest in keeping with your necessities.

So, make certain you recognize what you’re stepping into before you get AN embroidery machine and before you get it seek for each feature, pros, and cons so you’ll be able to work with it with efficiency.

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