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40 Facebook Post Ideas That Will Engage Your Audience Amazingly

by Mia_Jacobs
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If you are a business that is quite active on Facebook, you will surely know how difficult sometimes it seems to find out even a single post of content to publish. Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a social media marketing company in India for Facebook management, sometimes even experts may run out of innovative ideas.

Since Facebook posts are the main means of audience engagement, hence it is important every time you come with attention gathering content that can bring your brand into the limelight. Here we are sharing 40 unique post ideas that you can work on with your Facebook marketing company to get extraordinary results.

High Facebook Engagement Post Ideas

1. Tell Your Stories

Create posts that will tell your business as well as personal stories. People start reacting if they feel related to it.

2. Promote Your Brand

As this is your main motive behind Facebook marketing, this is one of the options to post all about your business, products or services.

3. Post Trending Things

Explore the most trending topics and connect your audience by creating posts on trending content. Trending content enhances user interactions.

4. Non-peak Hours are Best

As most businesses choose to post during peak hours, so obviously, at this time, it becomes hard to get adequate engagement. The best idea is to share posts during non-peak hours.

5. Share Your Instant Thoughts Sometimes

Facebook is already full of promotion posts by businesses, so leave this motive once in a while and just share general thoughts that are on your mind and see how your fans react.

6. Change Profile Pics and Covers

By changing your profile photo and covers more often, you can keep your Facebook page updated in the eyes of your audience.

7. Sometimes Selfies May Work

Just take your selfie and make sure it is related to your business in some way. This is another great way to connect people with your brand.

8. Repost Viral Pictures

If you are running Facebook post ideas, just repost any viral post that is relevant to your business.

9. Ask Questions

Give your fans a direct call to action by asking a question that is related to your industry in any way.

10. Know Your Fans

In these types of posts also, you need to ask questions not only related to your business. These can be from any sort of topic. You will see great engagement.

11. Share Business’s Personal Things

Share personal things such as introducing your employees and sometimes sharing an inside pic with them. This will give a personal touch to your audience.

12. Offer Promotions

This is another interesting way to engage your audience. Encourage people to share promo codes with their friends and groups.

13. Post Industry related Tips

Industry-related tips and tutorials can also help engage your target audience to a great extent.

14. Create Post Descriptions Wisely

Make sure you create unique descriptions and don’t make use of the same headings repeatedly.

15. Post Honestly

Let your posts be like the posts of the real you. Do not try to be fake or artificial in your posts just for the sake of business. Your real personality will attract more people.

16. Bring your Fans to the Spotlight

Write about your fans as well and bring them to the limelight. Highlight your real customers using your services, and this will build the credibility of your brand.

17. Post Regularly

Regularity is a must for enhanced user engagement.

18. Post Pictures of Your Products

If you have products in the line of promotion, just post pictures or short videos while in use. This will enhance the interest of people in it.

19. Be Inspirational

People also get connected with inspirational quotes; hence you can also consider posting inspirational quotes with your people.

20. Boost your Existing Posts

If you are running ad campaigns on Facebook, ask your social media marketing company in India to boost your post by putting some money behind them, and this will increase reach and engagement.

21. Post Snippets from Your Website

If you have a website and preferably a blog running with it, you can post snippets on Facebook and thus bring traffic to your website.

22. Post Unique Challenges

This is another great idea to enhance user participation and engagement. Invite people on Facebook to participate in a fun challenge and get any kind of reward.

23. Work on Iconic Posts

You can utilize some iconic posts by recreating them. Iconic posts, when recreated, usually get enough user attention.

24. Let Users Poll

Decide a topic related to your industry and post a poll to let people take part in it. This way, you can also come to know about what their opinions are.

25. Share Your History

Your business history may seem interesting to a large number of audiences as people are always keen to hear success stories. Share with them how you started as a business.

 26. Take Advantage of Seasonal Posts

Seasonal posts are successful if your business offers products related to a particular season. In this case, offers related to the end or the start of the season sale can be showcased.

27. Let People Know About your Charities

If you are connected to a charity or nonprofit organization, share it with your audience and talk about how you are helping society.

28. Always Post your Tagline

A tagline can impress the mind of people by creating an inspirational impact. So, always add taglines to your different posts.

29. Share YouTube Content

Cross-platform sharing can help engage your audience in an amazing way. You can share your YouTube videos and get benefits on both platforms.

30. Share Reviews of Products

This is a way to post your customer-generated content and thus showcase proof of the success of your product to your audience, thus increasing the reliability of your brand.

34. Share Job Opening

Sharing vacant positions in your organization on Facebook is another great way to come into the limelight.

 32. Post FAQ Answers 

If you find there are questions commonly asked by customers, you may post their answers by means of a Facebook Post so that they can visit your profile and get all the answers.

33. Promote Your Events

Facebook is a great way to promote your events as well as to reach more and more public.

34. Share News Related to Industry

Consider posting the latest news related to your industry, as people might be interested in seeing what’s going on around the world.

35. Share Behind the Scene Content

A great idea to grab attention is to share behind the scene photos or videos from your workplace to give an insight into how you work.

36. Share Infographics

Create infographics based on industry-related content. Infographics give a one-stop solution to various user questions.

37. Launch New Products on Facebook

If you find your primary audience is on Facebook, it is best to launch your new product on Facebook and see how people react to it.

38. Showcase your Business Milestones

Have you reached one of your business milestones? Share with your fans on Facebook and let them celebrate with you on your success.

39. Go Live

On important events, you can consider going live and sharing with your audience, as this may grab the attention of your fans.

40. Share a Thanks Post

Sharing a thanks post specially dedicated to your fans for making positive comments can help melt the hearts of your fans, thus inviting interactions.

These 40 ideas can help you get more fans, likes, comments and shares. So, guide your Facebook marketing company to follow these tips and see how it impacts your Facebook marketing.

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