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4 Reasons to Fix Faulty Foundations

by BrookeChaplan

Homes of any age can develop foundation flaws. They may result from a weakened structure, ground shifting, or building issues. If you have been ignoring your home’s foundation problems by thinking they aren’t important, or you can live with them for now, think again. A seemingly small foundation issue can soon turn into a serious safety concern and a costly repair. 

Water Drainage 

Moisture from rain or snow that trickles into your home’s foundation or through an ill-fitting window can weaken the structural base. Over time, the water will gradually dissolve the concrete or stone foundation elements and cause shifting or disintegration. The soil around your home can be reshaped to slant away from the house so that water does not seep into the foundation and damage the structure. Melting ice from the roof sometimes trickles down the sides of the house and drips into the foundation base. Check the foundation periodically for signs of moisture invasion. 

Tree Roots 

Large trees like oaks growing near your home can put out roots that over time may creep toward your foundation. Roots can become so strong and massive that they can damage the concrete or stonework on which your house rests. Repairing major problems from this type of damage is expensive, so keep an eye on those tree roots and runners near your house to see if they get too close. If they do, you may need to have the trees taken down to prevent serious foundation damage. If minor problems have already developed, contact an expert in foundation repair for an assessment of the problem and an estimate for fixing it. 


Desperate rodents and ground insects searching for warmth and shelter during the winter often look for chinks or cracks in your home’s foundation through which to enter the structure. These small fissures can be gnawed or chewed to make a way for more creatures to get inside. Look around for signs of pests that may be living near your home or burrowing just outside. Contact a pest control company to treat the problem before the creatures infest your home’s interior. 

Wear and Tear 

Aging home foundations can begin to crumble or develop cracks in time. Look for gaps in the foundation blocks along with crumbled mortar that may indicate deterioration of your home’s base. The problem might be fixable with tuckpointing work. Contact a foundation specialist for advice. 

Your home’s survival literally rests on the foundation it sits on. Check your foundation regularly for signs of problems that need to be addressed. The sooner you catch a problem, the easier and more affordable the repair is likely to be. 

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