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4 Boons Of Exposed Aggregate Driveways No One Told You About!

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Are you considering a driveway project this summer? We can help you. A driveway should be the most attractive part of your house because it leaves the first impression on your guest. You must have often come across colourful and decorative trails of other people’s houses made of different textures and having beautiful finishing. But have you thought of an idea for your entrance? How about having a classy concrete look with different patterns and textures? Well, exposed aggregate can hold your attention. That is in fashion for the versatility it offers. Being an old concept, it is gaining popularity again. It is made by removing the top skin of concrete and embedding natural stones. You will see such textures in driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, and stairs.

Advantages of exposed aggregate driveways

If you are admiring a beautiful driveway with patterns of rocks, pebbles, or shells, exposed aggregate can be a perfect choice. This process involves the removal of the topmost layer of the concrete to provide a rough look. The contemporary appearance makes it exceptional! The most captivating benefit of selecting this track is safety, as it is skidproof and slip-resistant. Are you worried about how long they can last? You can be untroubled for 10 to 20 years with proper care. Are you confused about how to get one? Are you trying to find someone who can help you with this? You can get the best-exposed aggregate driveway in Melbourne from Cura Concrete. They have varieties of recommendations to choose from. Their expert team of concreters can give you a free consultation and quote on the selection and installation of pavement. Also, they will help you based on your functionality and preferences. So, does it confirm your plan of renovating one? Here are some reasons you should consider getting the exposed aggregate concrete for the house:

  • Durability – Building a driveway is an expensive deal, so looking for one that offers longevity is essential. The avenue is utilized the most, and therefore it needs to be long-lasting. Exposed aggregate has this characteristic as it is resistant to scratches or wear and tear that can occur in any climate. After installing this pavement, you can enjoy your peace of mind because it will maintain its integrity and continue to look the same for years.
  • Low maintenance – It is the key advantage of installing this aggregate. It eliminates the chances of weeds and grasses that cause breakage of the pathway. Just occasional sealing and cleaning can solve your worries. There is no need to polish it constantly. Isn’t this worth it? Probably, a stress-free option that you can choose.
  • Customizable – The appearance should stand out the most. Only then shall your home feel bespoke. You will be surprised to see that every exposed aggregate differs from the other. It is all up to you whether you want a bold or striking design, a dark or light background, or a slightly rough or rugged texture. You can have the desired design for yourself.
  • Easy to install – As mentioned above, it involves placing a mixture of concrete with your choice of stones in it. This makes it easy to position. It has three simple processes: the first is mixing, the second is pouring, and the third is texturing. The last step can be done as per your requirement and needs. There is no room for error as you design the whole concept. You are good to go with ease!

Hopefully, this has convinced you to use the most stylish and practical driveway. Exposed aggregate is a classic finish with a modern look. Wondering what it is famous for? Well, the consistency it gives. You can also incorporate other recycling materials to innovate the finest driveway. It is environmentally friendly, and your imagination can turn into reality with this amazing paving solution.

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