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3 Facts You Must Know for Effective Acne Scar Treatment

by Larclondon

In this article, I will help you first understand how acne scars form and reveal 3 keys things/facts you must know before you go for any acne scar treatment. Having acne is not uncommon, if not unavoidable, to any one of us. What is more annoying actually is the companion results – those permanent read marks and scars left behind even we revolve the acne condition. So what should we do about Acne Scars treatment?

Fact #1: How Do Acne Scars Happen?

Before we dive into the solution, let’s look at the cause of the problem. When a pore becomes blocked and acne bacteria begins to multiply in the pore, your body tries to dislodge the blockage by attacking it like an infection. As the oil gland continues to produce oil, and the acne bacteria continues to multiply, the pain follows. At this time, the acne pimple or “pustule” forms. If the blockage becomes too large, or even worse, you pick and press on the pimple, collegian fibers in your skin that surround can be damaged. The damaged fibers can’t be healed even when the pore finally does heal. There will be a red mark left behind or a deeper indentation know as a “pock mark”.

Fact #2: Prevent Acne Scarring

Please notice that I am not saying “prevent acne” – it is not possible, especially in nowadays where environment pollution, working/studying pressure and disordered meal structure are becoming a norm in life. What is more important is to prevent acne scarring. Obviously the key here is NOT to pick at acne blemishes or squeeze them no matter how tempting it is! Rather, steam the area using a hot wash cloth until the pore opens and releases the contents. This can take multiple sessions of up to half an hour apiece. Well worth the investment of time to prevent a scar from occurring. At the mean time, other means like using tea tree oil to attack acne spots, going on a cleanse, addressing candida yeast overgrowth can all help stop acne.

Face #3: Acne Scar Treatment/Removal

Do note that there are a number of methods to remove and lighten acne scarring, some are proven effective, some are not. Here I am going to share the facts with you.


This is an pretty traditional/old way of fixing acne scars – re-damage the entire surface of the skin and let it scab over and heal, revealing a more even skin surface. This is actually a medical procedure (dermabrasion). During the process, the skin surface is essentially sanded down mechanically removing the outer layer of skin, much like a bad scrape or rug burn, only over a large area. Because it is a medical process, it is proven to be effective to a lot of people as a acne scar treatment solution. However, It has risks associated with it of additional scarring and infection. A lot of people who had this procedure also get a discoloration line from where the treated skin meet the untreated area. Oh yes.. Have I mentioned the cost involved? This painful process will let you a few days or even weeks in hospital – which will cost you thousands of dollars easily.

Skin Peels

This is referring to use some chemical acid to achieve the same end result as dermabrasion, but do it as a controlled chemical burn. They do not go as deep as dermabrasion but do remove the outer layers of skin. The skin then “crusts” over and within a period of a few weeks peels off. The process needs to be repeated several times to achieve good results. Chemical peels do work well for some but are expensive and still carry further scarring and infection risks. One other area to be aware of is if you have darker skin they have been known to cause discoloration in some individuals. If you chose this method be sure to insist on a spot test on the inside of your arm for any allergic or other negative reaction you might have before anyone puts any chemical on your face. Do it before each time you get a peel treatment, as reactions can show up, even after never having a problem before. These treatments can be expensive so shop around and check references.

Laser Treatment

This is a relatively new technology for acne scar treatment and in some cases laser treatments have shown promise in reducing redness and lightening scars. The laser stimulates the skin cells and the result is a “plumping” up of the area treated. With that said, this technology is still being developed but does offer some hope for future skin treatments. Laser treatments are very expensive and beware of any over reaching promises. Just keep in mind that acne scar treatments are rarely given with a money back option if they don’t work like a product would.

Natural Treatment

So far there is only ONE patented non-chemical skin peel designed and approved for use in the home. It works on all skin types and colors no matter your background and does not have any type of pain, downtime, or risk of infection or scarring. This treatment is invented by Chris Gibson and detailed explained in his book “Acne Free in 3 Days”. I will explain this in another article.

For any effective acne scar treatment, the above 3 things are essential for you to know. Know how acne scar forms, prevent it from happening and finally choose right treatment for best results and minimum risks.


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