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10 WordPress Statistics That Will Surprise You Even in 2022

WordPress Statistics You Should Know in 2022

by Nandan Goda
WordPress Statistics

It is not too often when we see a content management platform becomes a dominant force in the entire source market. WordPress has had such an outstanding evolution that it has gone down in the history books as one of the biggest success stories in the modern day era of technology. To peak that, the founders decided to turn it into an organization that will belong to its family of the core developers.

Despite its raging yet obvious popularity, we don’t usually get the true gauge of how big WordPress has gotten over the last few years. Without any further ado, let us get right into some of the best statistics of the platform.

Best WordPress Statistics

It is difficult to surprise the developers’ community with the statistics as they are always aware of the ongoing. Some of these stats may surprise business owners who would want to build a website with the access of finest WordPress website development services. Once they get to know the true magnitude of the giant that WordPress is, there won’t be any second thoughts about the platform they want for their website.

Here are some of the best WordPress statistics:

  • Founder Company

Automattic is the parent company of WordPress. The double “t”s in the name is an anecdote from co-founder Matt Mullenweg’s first name. Matt founded it as a blogging tool and later turned into a content management system. With continuous innovation, it later became a platform to build all kinds of websites. 

The founding company of WordPress transferred the rights to the foundation in 2010. As of today, Automattic has raised over $985.9 Million over 12 rounds & has 28 investors. In the latest round last year, the company valued itself at $7.5 Billion.

  • Google Search

There are 2.9 million monthly searches on the word “WordPress” on an average. That is 2,940,000 times a month on an average. This makes the platform one of the most searched words in the world. The curiosity around WordPress has always been on the rise. It is ironic that a platform that offers content optimization is the most searched on Google.

  • Plugins & Themes

Currently there are over 60,000 free plugins and over 10,000 free themes in the official directory of WordPress. Plugins are predesigned tools that perform a specific task for which the coding or the framework support does not exist. Themes are appearance patterns that lay a look and frame for your website.

Apart from the official directory, there are thousands of other third party plugins and themes available for WordPress.

  • Versions

WordPress has a very tech savvy user base. They like to stay updated and innovate at the same time. They also set new trends with the help of the latest versions. Currently, over half of the total websites running on WordPress are using the latest version 6. Over 38% are using the previous version 5 and a very tiny percentage of websites are using versions older than that. Interestingly, all the versions and updates of WordPress are named after popular jazz artists because of the love founder Matt had for jazz.

  • Website Building Tools

There are many tools that use WordPress as a frame. Business owners can simply submit their data on to these tools and choose design layouts and they are good to go with their website. They don’t need to do any bit of coding. Many such wholesome & functional tools are very popular among users. WooCommerce is the most used eCommerce platform powered by WordPress that is used by over 20% of the users. Elementor, a block building tool to create websites is the second most used tool  with over 18% users. 

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