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10 Beach Holidays You Can Plan to Visit in 2023

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10 Beach Holidays

Beach Holidays: There are dozens of countries around the world that are known for their mesmeric beauty and enthralling charm. Tourists from all across the world come to these countries and enjoy what nature bestows. If you are a nature-lover and desire to sunbathe at the most sparkling beaches in the world then here we have a list of top 10 beach holidays around the world that Britain can visit from the UK by Bright Travels London Agency.

  1. Phuket, Thailand:

    the largest Island of Thailand, Phuket is known for its stunning beaches and captivating resorts. Phuket is number 1 aqua-attraction in Thailand. Travelers from all across the world come to Phuket for relaxation, adventure and water activities. There are a number of beaches that can be visited while being in Phuket. Most prominent of such beaches include Karon beach, Kata Beach and Patong Beach where tourists can dive, swim, snorkel and sunbathe. Island Boat Tours and Rawai Village are other prominent water attractions where tourists will find a number of fun activities to do.

  2. Florida, United States:

    known as ‘the Sunshine State’ of America, Florida is famous for its beaches among tourists. A perfect family holiday spot with stunning views and splendid scenery; Florida’s beaches are matchless. Turquoise waters bombarding with the whitest sands will make a sight that is rare to be seen to admire. Tourists flocked to Florida during summers to boast Florida’s iconic beaches and waterslides. Either chill out in a resort or hit a theme park; Florida is ready to serve you. Diving, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling and more can be done at the beaches of Florida. Major beaches in Florida include Delray Beach, Key West, Clearwater Beach and beaches of Emerald Coast (Vero Beach, Palm Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Neptune Beach).

  3. Essaouira, Morocco:

    known as ‘the wind city of Africa’, Essaouira allures windsurfers from all across the world. Essaouira has an exquisite beach that stretches for several kilometers. The town is paradise for the tourists who want a tranquil break from their daily hassle. A lot of tourists come to Essaouira in the months of April and November to explore the city’s charm. Attractions like Plage Tagharte, Sidi Kaouki and Moulay Bouzerktoune make Essaouira a worth-to visit town. At these beaches, tourists can do all the water activities plus enjoy the strongest waves unlike the other beaches. Beach Holidays

  4. Maldives:

    an island that is unquestionably a masterpiece of nature, Maldives is a tropical water territory that is must to be explored. The island is famous for having powdered beaches at the northern atolls and unpretentious sea shacks along with fishing hamlets of the southern isles. Worth-praising archipelago of Indian Ocean compels the tourists to visit Maldives and its beaches for once. Maldives remains jam-packed with tourists, beach lovers, divers, swimmers, snorkelers, peers and families who want a tropical escape from their same days. The local guesthouses and resorts around the beaches make it easier for the tourists to stay around their favorite beaches, without being troubled.

  5. Naxos Island,

    Greece: an often unheard beach holiday destination, Greece has a latent aqua-gem in the form of Naxos. Popular for its iconic landscapes, enthralling villages and dazzling beaches, Naxos is the largest and most foliaged island in Greece. Its capital city Hora is a bright hangout place having the traditional Cycladic cubic houses. There is a museum that tells all the tales of the past and has articles pertaining to the Neolithic to the Early Christian periods. Another attraction in Naxos is Portara, which is a huge marble gate dedicated to Apollo who had been there in the 7th century. Chora Naxos is the heart of Naxos Island with white houses, narrow streets, unwavering waters and beautiful scenery; a picturesque perfect staging worth visiting.

  6. Corsica, France:

    Corsica is often called by the nickname ‘Island of Beauty’ and the title is not wrong because Corsica is one of the finest islands that an eye can witness. Long and lush green pristine forests, cool breeze, snow-covered mountains and enthralling seaside scenery; all this amalgamate together to make a picture- perfect tourist hangout spot. Corsica has so much to offer but if you are looking for the big jewel in the crown then Ostriconi can be given the label. It is one of the many unspoilt beaches on the side of Corsica. The combination of snow-white sand and turquoise water will leave you spellbind for a moment. A perfect holiday destination if you are traveling with UK flights to inspire your fellows.

  7. Langkawi,

    Malaysia: Malaysia, like Maldives is known for its secluded and overwhelming beaches and is a dream destination for the families especially the couples. Diving, swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling are the top- notched activities done at the restless beaches of Malaysia. It is difficult to choose one best beach holiday destination in Malaysia. But if I have to then Langkawi can be my answer. Langkawi Island is made of lush green plantation, iconic structures. And natural landscapes and more importantly of all pristine and blue waters. That makes it mighty in comparison to other beach sides. There is a lot that can be done while being in Langkawi including be at Langkawi Sky Bridge, ride a cable car, underwater walkthrough, climbing Gunung Raya (the highest peak of Langkawi), visit to Langkawi Wildlife Park & Bird Paradise house and a lot more.

  8. Taba Heights, Egypt:

    whenever there is the name of Egypt. All one can think is about desert, hotness and sweat but it’s not true. Egypt has beaches that can compete with any of the best beaches around the world. One being the Taba Heights beach. This 5 kilometer stretched beach is situated along the wild desert coast of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Known for its swaying coral reefs, Taba Heights’ beach; bestow its tourists the best of the bests. Snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, parasailing and water- skiing are some of the prominent water activities done at the beach. There are a number of fun activities for the kids too, making it a perfect family holiday destination. Beach Holidays

  9. The Whitsunday Islands,

    Australia: referring to the 74 Whitsunday Islands. A natural park would not be wrong because they provide a view that is rarely seen. Tourists from all across the world come to the Whitsunday Islands and admire their beauty and charm. Luxury hotels, immaculate white sand beaches, sailing and coral reefs make this place a must in your bucket list.

  10. Cozumel, Mexico: from taco to mariachis,

    Mexico is paradise for the tourists because of its never-ending providence. Tourists who choose the best airline for this location  have a lot to enjoy in Mexico but if they are looking for something close to nature then Cozumel is waiting for you. This island has beaches like no other one and is famous for diving, snorkeling, kayaking, boat riding, renting paddle boats. Rides in catamaran cruises and other water activities.




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